Writing a blahg comment on an iPhone while bouncing up and down in a frog hopper pulling a hillbilly trailer on the wondrously bumpy Great Lake State section of the I75 SUV Speedway

Yes. I tried to comment on my PAC Northwest iBuddy’s blahg today. We were on the Mackinac Bridge, which means that I have the 4G network. I suppose that’s because all kinds of bigwig honchos like our wondrous gubner hang out over on Mackinac Island in the summer. I think that the 99% (like me) should have the 4G everywhere but, in the north-country, it seems to be going in where the damn money is first… … … !!!

Oh well… Anyway. I had the 4G network and so, iPhone in hand, I tried to type a comment. I was still typing when we got off the bridge and back on to the bumpity bumpity freeway and I dunno what happened but my comment was interrupted in the middle by a bunch of work gibberish. I can only guess that that stuff was sitting on the “clipboard” and I somehow hit “Paste” or whatever. Anyway, it was one of weirdest comments ever posted but you do not want to know. And then, as usual, I was suddenly in the “No Service” area. Again. Sigh…

So, text collided on the Big Mac but worlds collided a little later when we arrived at HL and The Beautiful Elegant Julia (our niece) and her Absolutely Totally Utterly Beautiful Elegant (and did I mention INTELLIGENT? (four languages, anyone?)) daughter Alexandria (our great-niece) were there. Visiting from their home in Colorado. Uh, along with the Lord and Lady of Linden and a person who I am gonna call (for this blahg entry only) Grandma. Because my sister-in-law Liz has many other roles in life besides Grandma (and that’s a good thing) but one of them is Grandma and she was in fine Grandma form today! I took a walk with TBEJ and ATUBEI. And “Grandma”, who was loving pushing the stroller. Like, “You and Julia go on ahead, I love to push the stroller behind you.” I got to catch up just a little bit with The Beautiful Elegant Julia who I missed last summer because… Sigh…

And then! Our own Lizard Breath arrived with a friend of hers from Callyforny. They were on their way up to the moomincabin and we were on our way back to The Inferno Planet Ann Arbor. We continued along on our bumpity hillbilly trailer type journey and “Grandma” took the others out on a pontoon boat ride and then Lizard got back on the road to the moominbeach.

So she is there and we are back down here and it is only something like 82 degrees here today which is cool. Whatever meaning you want to assign to “cool” is fine with me…

P. S. There was a drowning death very close to the Houghton Lake Group Home on the 4th of July or thereabouts. A 17-year-old who did not have swimming skills got sucked in by a “sandsucker hole” out off the drop off. I remember Grandpa Garth pulling sandsucker hole markers around. I am very sad about the death and glad that it has never happened to a Courtois kid. Let’s keep it that way.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m assuming that was the comment on my post–which went into great work detail for you, but I just figured that you wanted to share lots of things with me. 😉 Next time I’m in the middle of lesson plans, I’ll return the favor. lol Sounds like great and COOL day in every way!!