Overheard in the Knight’s bathroom

“You HAVE to tell your mom to complain! My toenail is ripply!” This was an 11-year-old girl [or thereabouts] complaining to her friend because apparently her pedicure wasn’t perfect. I didn’t inspect it. I kind of felt like giving them a piece of my mind but I knew they would just regard me as a baggy old bag. And a cranky one at that. Like the time the beach urchins were a little antsy at the Spike Horn barrooom (and family restaurant) and some old drunk woman came over and told them [over and over] that Santa Claus wouldn’t give them any presents if they didn’t behave. The kids were fussy because the service was interminably slow and I wanted to slug that old woman. As it was, I’m sure my kids knew even then that Santa Claus would spoil them over and over and over again until they had so much “stuff” they didn’t know what to do with it.

You have to know that I would not *ever* complain about one ripply toenail polish job for any 11-year-old. I would probably figure out some creative way to get my kid to stage-manage a high-maintenance friend like that away from their cranky old moom. In fact, when the beach urchins were around that age, the last thing they wanted to do was go out for a fancy pedicure. Not that they weren’t interested in nail polish and sparkly eye makeup and stuff. Just that it was a do-it-yourself job, preferably with friends.

Anyway, I sucked it up silently, exited the ladies powder room, and returned to our booth and the argument du jour. Which I will not even begin to try to describe except to say something like, “Can’t [they] find a better way to make a living?”

Yes, we were at Knight’s tonight. There was a rather amorphous plan to meet downtown at the art fair(s) after work but I had a happy hour to attend after work today and when, after my obligatory one glass of whine there, the GG was still at work, we decided to bag walking downtown. We’ll get there tomorrow night. We are a stodgy bunch of stick-in-the-mud geeks at work but there were a couple of extroverts at tonight’s happy hour and I was just getting going about the time I needed to leave. I didn’t want to…

We are still on the verge of drought here but this morning, I started out my 0-skunk-30 walk under my trusty old rainbow umbrella. It wasn’t raining very hard but we got a little. And a little more throughout the day. And it is cooler thank you god. For now. At the moment, I almost feel like I need my polartech jacket…

Love y’all,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    People have to complain(or sue) about anything these days. Life isn’t perfect and it is definitely messy at times. We’re supposed to get a thunderstorm tonight. It’s already hit south of us, according to Facebook friends. I deliberately didn’t water my back lawn, so I’m hoping for Mother Nature’s help! Glad that your weather is cooler!!