Mahmmy Blahgger

I don’t usually blahg about my kids, at least not specifically about what they are doing. They are adults who run their own lives and don’t really ask much from me and I know they wouldn’t want me broadcasting the details of their lives on the Internet, even if I actually *knew* those details. In detail, don’tcha know.

So I won’t go into detail about this (I don’t really know the details >wink<) but, after six years in Cally-forny, my older beach urchin moved back to the loverly but god-forsaken Great Lake State during the spring into a gorgeous apartment in Fabulous Ferndale. That’s just down the road from where the GG grew up and about 45 minutes away from The Planet Ann Arbor on a good day. This was more or less in her plans from the start but it still took me by surprise because… Hey wait a minute? You graduated from college SIX YEARS AGO? Say what?

Anyway, her move came at an opportune time because the FF apartment is unfurnished and she left what furniture she had in Cali and I had some *extra* furniture hanging around from The Commander. And dishes. And houseplants… We were over there today delivering a dresser and I was ecstatic to see that The Comm’s houseplants are *thriving* (and this is only a couple of them):

And there are these shelves, which The Comm made in a woodworking class in college. They have been around my entire life and there was no way I was gonna get rid of them but I also don’t have room for them. (And a couple more plants.)

Our kiddo cooked us a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, ricotta-lemon pancakes with blueberry sauce, and a nice green salad and we ate outside on the Rat Pad. If she wants, she can shop at the Holiday Market, one of my fave grokkery stores but too far away for me to shop at more than occasionally. And the plate? One of The Commander’s “everyday” dishes. On The Comm’s kitchen table. (And you can’t see ’em but some more plants.)

Finally, our cook, in her own chitchen, which is a heckuva lot prettier than mine! (Er, prettier cook too.) (And yet another plant.)

After dresser delivery / breakfast, we headed up to Clawson so that Fake Bob Bob could visit his baby “grandson”. Very very very cute baby and I’ll get just sappy enough to say that I love how his dad interacts with him. He (dad) has certainly grown up since I first met him as a 4-year-old who was (at that moment) totally focused on riding his Big Wheel up and down his driveway. Er, as if this whole post isn’t a bit sappy…

Home again eventually and spending the afternoon being totally annoyed with myself for feeling sluggish and slodgy. Nothing constructive accomplished at all! (Except for a walk over to the Plum Market where I found myself in a checkout line behind one of the ditziest women I have known in my entire life and had to pretend to be looking out the window so as to avoid meeting her eyes.)

P.S. Thanks Lizard for letting my readers — all five of them — peek into your life for just a minute.

5 Responses to “Mahmmy Blahgger”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love that she is using and enjoying so many of the Commander’s goods. I know that’s very special to you. Ashley is wearing several pieces of my MIL’s jewelry and it does mean a lot. Breakfast sounds delicious and L. looks great in her shorts and apron!!

  2. jane Says:

    love Holiday Market! (reader #4)

  3. Isa Says:

    Love you mooma!

  4. Pam J. Says:

    Well I for one think you SHOULD talk more about your kids, but I know what you mean about not wanting to broadcast their private lives on the Internet. I occasionally can’t stop myself from posting a picture or two and bragging a bit about mine. (And like you I figure, oh hell, 6 people check out my blog so what possible difference could it make?) I love seeing your daughter’s cute setup, but I want to talk about those hinges on the cabinets in her kitchen. I have those hinges on cabinets in 4 (5?) places in my house — previous owners installed them in the 80s — and I hate them with a passion. SO hard to repair. SO hard to find anyone who knows how to replace them. And why am I whining about it here, on your lovely blog? I dunno…

    Very happy to see that you keep around old items from your parents. Great bookshelf!

  5. Isa Says:

    @Pam I’m pretty sure (90%) that everything in my kitchen is IKEA so it might be worth checking there! BUT I agree, those cabinets/fixtures are not my favorite — they slam easily which drives me nuts. The handles are also a pain (clangy).