Channeling The Engineer

It goes *fast*! I said that to Mouse, who, of course, as soon as I got home with our newest vee-hickle, asked if she could drive it. Yikes, I thought! I got into my new vee-hickle at the dealership yesterday and, even though I have been driving manual transmission cars since I was 19 (just guess how many years ago that was, I dare you!), the GG had to remind me about where the blasted clutch was. I did manage to limp out of the parking lot and down the street and onto the freeway and home. But wow! This thing is not *anything* like our rusty old Wrangler or any of the other manual transmission vee-hickles in my vee-hickular history. And it is also not much like GrandMotherTrucker’s truck but that would be comparing apples to oranges, wouldn’t it? 13 speeds? Not quite so much. But whhoooommppfff. Six speed manual and watch that accelerator! I think this vee-hickle is just a leetle bit more than I am used to, maybe even more than my trusty old [automatic] Honda Accord EX-V6, which wouldn’t win a drag race but definitely has some good pickup. The Ol’ Boy wouldda probably been egging me on to buy this new thing (maybe he did manage to influence the GG somewhat from wherever the heck he is). Or, more probably, he would already have his own. Fly Honda Express.

So, did I get to actually fly Honda Express today? Er, not exactly. Playing chess with three people and four vee-hickles. At the time we picked up the new vee-hickle yesterday, we also dropped off the trusty old Honda Accord because the “Service Engine Soon” light has been on absolutely forever. It has at least 117K miles on it and going strong. But. So. I got to drive the black vee-hickle home yesterday. But this morning, Mouse drove me to work in the “old” Cute Little Blue Honda Civic (2005) and I was without a vee-hickle at all until lunchtime (it’s okay, I was chained to my work laptop anyway) when Mouse picked me up and we all met at Panera to eat lunch and reconfigure who was driving which vee-hickle and I ended up back at work with the Cute Little Blue Honda Civic (formerly our newest vee-hickle and now Mouse’s). As I left, the others were arguing over who would drive the black vee-hickle. Over to pick up the green vee-hickle. And beyond… Kee-reist.

Sigh. Babble babble babble. I am channeling the Ol’ Boy today. I don’t usually post this much about motorized vee-hickles, except when they are absolutely driving me CRAZY! And since we keep our vee-hickles *forever*, this one eventually will.

Love y’all. Goodnight and be careful down there in hurricane country, young Grandmothertrucker.

Yes, we still have the blasted Wrangler. Legally licensed and insured. Four vee-hickles. Ya-aaay!

4 Responses to “Channeling The Engineer”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    WOOOOO! It IS a Civic Si!!!

    Good for YOU!!! And congrats!!! (and y’all need a recommendation for a good scrapyard for the Indefatigable?? Then again, there’s always Purple Heart….)

  2. Marquis Says:

    Congrats! Looks nice!!

    OBTW, if you get rid of the indefatigable how will I find you on google earth street view?

  3. gg Says:

    Dog Mom,
    We had you you you and “the engineer” on our minds ALLLLL WEEEEEK.
    TMOTU (aka GG)

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    GG – Love you!!! Nice choice of Honda! Yeah, I understand the emotional attachments to cars; but I have to say, if/when the Miata gets to the point of becoming a liability (financial, safety, or even *thinking* of beginning to rust thru), it’ll be gone (replaced with another “Channelled” vehicle of some sort, I’m sure!).