Face plant

So, tonight they are blathering away on NPR about all of the new voter fraud laws that are being proposed or enacted or deliberated upon by various courts or whatever. Do we really need those laws? Really? Can somebody point me to some actual, *unbiased* statistics on how big a problem voter fraud is in this country? A lot of the elections I vote in manage at best to attract maybe 6% of the eligible voters in the precinct. 23 voters by 3:00 PM, etc., etc. Voter fraud is a *problem*? Seems to me the problem is how to get registered voters out to the polls.

I am personally acquainted with exactly one case of voter fraud. It was the eccentric father of a woman I worked with back in the Jurassic Age and he was a local landlord and he was all hopped up about some issue or other. Ah kain’t recollect (‘scuse my totally fake southern politician accent) what issue he was all hopped up about but he actually registered to vote in two different places. And got caught! My co-worker rolled her eyes from here to Kalamazoo as she told that story. But he was committing election fraud to further his own personal interests, not throw an election for political reasons.

I promised myself and Sam (archaeologist, not dog) that I was done ranting for the week, so I will not rant. Instead I will just sit here agape at what a travesty our political system seems to have become.

And try not to face-plant because, after an unexpected evening of dinner and socializing with various cuzzints over at Bugs & Horsey’s house, I am surprised I have not done that yet. It is always fun to socialize with cousins that you have known all your life and are close to because you share memories and that means you can talk about people and places and family “stuff” without having to go through a whole bunch of explanatory crap or make calculated decisions about how much “stuff” to omit or sanitize or whatever. But still, I was on the edge of face-planting by the end. And of course then the GG didn’t wanna leave. “But I liiike it here.” Yeah, but you are into the moonshine… (Oh, just kidding about the last. Yes there was moonshine but everyone was being responsible and I just had a couple glasses of whine because once in my youth I saw a couple of guys we’ll just call Foot and Chewy get so drunk on moonshine that they… well, I won’t say what they did because to this day I am grossed out just thinking about it. Let’s just say they lost all control over their bodily functions. (Kinda glad The Comm isn’t reading this. But maybe she is. Oh well…))

Good night. I hope we actually get some of the rain they are predicting for us tomorrow. Lately it seems like it gets to just outside of The Planet Ann Arbor and then goes north. Or south. Or north *and* south. Anywhere but here. I hope we do not get a derecho. I am not in the mood for a derecho.

2 Responses to “Face plant”

  1. UU Says:

    Why would we not want to clean up the rolls?
    Yes, there are many documented cases of dead voters voting.

    Someone even checked in and claimed they were US Attorney General Eric Holder and was cleared to vote. They didn’t and reported it.

    Sorry, no plausible reason to not clean up the rolls.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Just looking for facts and unbiased data analysis. Seems like this is a hot button issue these days but I am finding virtually *nothing* out there besides anecdotes and a lot of strongly biased opinions. (Not that I am making a career out of researching it.)