No comment

I mean to say that I don’t intend to provide any deep thoughts about this little bit of Planet Ann Arbor sidewalk grafitti or whatever it is. Is it a political statement? Probably. I can’t help but fantasize a bit about how I would like my own personal “lifestyle” (if you can call it that) to “fall” just a bit…

Lemme see…

  • I would like to lose one piece of real estate. I am currently legally involved in the ownership of three real estate properties and informally involved with a fourth. How did a baggy old kayak woman get to this point? I wish I knew. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was schlepping all of my belongings from apartment to apartment in the crappiest old rusted out Ford Pinto station wagon on earth. Don’t get me wrong. None of these dwellings are palaces or even McMansions by any stretch of the imagination but each is comfortable and beloved in its own way. Still, it will be a relief when we can finally get The Comm’s house on the market. Although I have many good memories of the place, it is not my childhood home and I am not nostalgic. I guess I will miss walking from there down to the locks at 0-dark-30 on a sub-zero January morning but I suppose I can just as easily do that from the Holiday Inn. I *will* miss coming back from those walks to the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing and I will miss having breakfast there in front of the TV news while planning a day of gallivanting around town with The Comm. Going to the art gallery, having lunch somewhere, buying a big-ass TV set at Woldemort. Whatever. Going to the grokkery store. *Always* going to the grokkery store…
  • If you are one of my five readers, you know that I would love to lose some more “stuff”. I’m at a sort of a plateau on that prodject. ’nuff said. Keep on flingin’ you guys. I’ll catch up. Hmmm, maybe some more books over to the AAUW book sale dropoff tomorrow morning? But I gave the GG all the boxes. But maybe I can find some grokkery bags. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • Have I mentioned the fact that I own one too many puanos pianos? I really really do want to own one (and only one) puano piano and I know which one. Will I win this little battle? Hmmm. I could also lose a flute. Anyone want an ancient Gemeinhardt “pro” model open-holed B-foot? Needs work. I didn’t think so.
  • I wanna lose my ancient chitchen. I know, I was all hot to do it a few years ago and then I freaked out and then things deteriorated in the northern reaches of my life and for a while I was schlepping a sleeping bag around and living out of an old LL Bean duffle bag and various laundry baskets and saying the f-word about a hundred times a day, mostly on the days I was trying to *leave* the Great White North and, at the last nano-second, couldn’t find my phone or my keys or whatever. That episode completely sucked but it is over but here I am, still hesitant. Where to start… I don’t wanna room full of cabinets. I don’t know what I want… I want somebody to sit *in* my chichen with me and talk to me and help me sort things out. Why is this so easy for so many people? Oh yeah, they are extroverts…
  • I am about done with some of the rest of the decor here too. The decor? Student Ghetto / Early Inlaw. Of course! What were you thinking? We are not of the elite 1% but one or both of us have worked hard for about a gazillion years and we can afford better. If only furniture stores didn’t employ sharks. Because I cannot THINK when somebody is bombarding me with all of the latest “deals” (and my companion insists on making small talk with the shark and navigating all over the whole warehouse). (Note to Art Van: If someone buys furniture once every 15 years, they probably don’t care all that much about “deals” — not that they want to be fleeced…) (Note to self: stay away from Art Van.)

3 Responses to “No comment”

  1. UU Says:

    Loved you post. Read it out loud to Gay Nay Nick and Mae

  2. Margaret Says:

    You can’t recapture the times with the Commander, so getting rid of the other house=less stress. I think between dealing with our jobs, people and all the complicated rest of life, there’s not enough mental or physical energy to accomplish everything we’d like to. I wish I were 30 again!!

  3. Pam J. Says:

    “Student Ghetto / Early Inlaw.”
    Hey! That’s my furniture you’re talking about. Do you also have hand-me-ups…items inherited from your children? Maybe that’s included in the “student ghetto” category.

    I’m with you on all of this. And I love the sidewalk graffiti. I was recently reprimanded by my husband to stop with the “this lifestyle will collapse” chatter. I read everything I can about climate change — not sure why exactly except that it’s so very fascinating. And I know for a fact that there’s not a damn thing we can do to turn it around. Especially since no one, well, maybe you, wants to give up the perks of civilization. I don’t. Here I sit in my air-conditioned house, which is too big for the three people and two cats it houses, typing on my computer. Give this up willingly to help solve global warming? I wish I were that good a person.