Gotta git rid o’ this hitch in my git-along

That would be the psychological git-along because boy oh boy was I in a crappy mental state today. I am not an extrovert. I am absolutely fantastic at finding things to keep myself occupied when there’s nobody around to “play with”. Like this weekend. I did really well yesterday.. I got up and took my 0-skunk-30 walk, hit the gas station and the Jackson Meijer and Staples, where I bought an 8-pack of banker’s boxes. Whew. Returned to the Landfill, flung all of the grokkeries into their appropriate places, then flung books into four of those banker’s boxes and dropped them off over at the AAUW book sale drop off. That felt so good! Made lasagne sauce and flung it into the freezer for my upcoming bit of vacay and then dug out my work laptop and, uh, worked.

Things went a bit south in the late afternoon when I went down to the dungeon to stash a few books that I decided *not* to fling (not yet anyway) and… Squish, squish… Wait a minute? Squish? I am walking on carpet. It’s nasty ugly old yellow shag carpet but why is it wet? It wasn’t wet earlier today. Oh. Standing water in the GG’s adjacent Freakout Chamber… Sewer backup… Yiiy! I high-tailed it back upstairs and washed my feet! A few texts / phone calls later, I decided that, since this drain (or whatever the heck you call it) doesn’t have anything to do with The Blue and Only Toilet, I am not gonna have Michigan Power Rodding (yes, that’s really the business name and no, they are not particularly “woman friendly”) come out. I’m gonna spend a few days dumping my dishwater out the back door until the GG gets back down here and snakes it out or whatever. I’d been thinking it smelled kinda funky down there for a while…

Today? I dunno why exactly but I didn’t even take my blasted walk this morning. I got up a wee bit late but not enough to bag my walk. I just couldn’t get it together. Grumpy and cranky and even lonely and that’s weird for me. I had to wonder how lonely The Commander was those last years when Grandroobly and then Radical Betty left the earth. My ghosts were haunting me today.

I did my best to mobilize. I took the Ninja out for a river ride. And then I walked down to West Park and back. In the heat of the day, which wasn’t the best thing, but I knew I had to get out and moving.

Another afternoon of work settled me down. I don’t usually have to work on weekends and I didn’t have to work *this* weekend. I’m just trying to stretch my vacay out a bit and if I work this weekend, when I get to the moominbeach later this week, I can maybe not have to work too many hours. I am taking the week after this completely off as vacay. In my industry, we are required to take five consecutive days off every year. This will be my five. (I have to say that I do not work for a slave driver. *I* have a work ethic that regularly slaps me up the side of my head and so I do my best to get my hours in.)

The photoooo? That’s me and Danny and my dog Tigger Goldie Finlayson. I think that Bubs or Radical Betty may have named her Tigger but I added the middle and last name. It was an appropriate name because, you know, Tiggers don’t jump, they *bounce*. And my Tigger bounced! It might look like Danny is my younger brother but he is not. He was my boyfriend at the time and we were both six. There was a lot of handholding that summer and he had this schtick about going to Niagara Falls to get married. His family lived near Niagara Falls… We didn’t get married. I married the GG and had two kids and Danny has a longtime partner and a dog named Horace. I still love Danny and I wish I knew his partner and their dog…

I won’t talk about how the carpet in the back room got wet. I am a human being and I make mistakes (and no, I did not pee the carpet).

2 Responses to “Gotta git rid o’ this hitch in my git-along”

  1. Paulette Says:

    I seem to have the “hitch in my git along” as a semi-permanent condition these days. The weather has been sunny and warm (hot) and I am really up for a grand storm with wind. That will fix the hitch! Did the Commander make the outfit? I love polka dots on children. BTW, what is in the background? Doelle’s dock?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Nothing worse in a house than water being where it’s NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. I feel your pain, on a smaller and less smelly scale. That would put me in a horrid mood. Already I cringe every time I look at my kitchen ceiling. Do people ever put decorations on the ceiling??