I don’t go the boat!

So, hopefully after this morning, I am finished working for a bit and can spend the next week doing a combo of flinging, hanging out with beach urchins and cuzzints, etc., slugging around on the beach and… Going to a high school reunion. Yes. It’s the 40th. I know y’all were dying to know that little tidbit.

There are several events this weekend, including the Soo Locks tour boat cruise that happened tonight. The last reunion I went to was the 20th. I am an introvert. I don’t do very well in crowds. I was sort of off on my own tangent in high school. I mean, I practiced the flute (and/or the piano) about a bazillion hours a day among other things. I won’t go into detail about anything else but suffice it to say that (like many other people) I get nervous about meeting up with people from high school. In large groups at least. Onesy twosy I can handle.

Enter Facebook. I am actually connected with a fair number of 1972 Soo High graduates on Facebook. And have met up with some of them in person a few times in recent years. These were people I never expected to see again. That made it a bit easier to make myself go to the reunion this year.

Of course, once I got there? My middle name would be “Awkward” if somebody besides my mother had named me but OF COURSE I had a good time. There were people that I didn’t really interact with in high school and didn’t recognize without looking at their name tag. Why not? I dunno. I missed out! There was the whole Stinkin’ Lincoln crowd. In a way, I remember the kids I went to grade school with almost better than the high school crowd. There were the OMG hugs! Overall, I loved talking to folks tonight. I was shy and didn’t talk to enough people. That was my bad and I’ll have to do better tomorrow night. I think I will make my own little cute badge that says, “I like you but I am an introvert. Please approach me!” I’ll draw a little smiley face on it.

P.S. The bathrooms on the boat are MUCH better than they used to be (or maybe we were on a different boat). The last time I was on one of those boats, the bathroom was kind of like a rocking ‘n’ rolling outhouse.

I am not sure I am done with this post but a whole bunch of people (relatives, not high school reunion folks) are on our deck playing around with a laser kaleidoscope. Life is good. Love y’all, especially my fam and class of 1972.

Good night,

2 Responses to “I don’t go the boat!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the idea of your badge! I’ve gone to all my HS reunions, but usually have more fun at my husband’s. (same school, 3 years ahead) I guess I feel less pressure!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Margaret and I have our 40th coming up in 2 years. When I was a sophomore, I envied the seniors’ class yell: “We’re the class that rules the rest, ’72 is the best!”

    I won’t even repeat ours — it was pretty dumb.