Gigapods, uh… gigabots, uh… gigabytes (and teraflops)

I have been procrastinating about sorting out the sheets and blankets here at the moomincabin all summer. Personally I have just about given up on making beds while I’m here. I bring a sleeping bag. If the temperatures decide to go down into the 30s, I put a comforter over that. But when people fly in from wherever, they are not carrying sleeping bags with them and I like to be able to provide a bed with real sheets for guests. The last few years, the sheets and blankets have gotten into a horrendously disorganized mess. Today, Lizard Breath helped me get a good grip on sorting them out and we neatened up the totally disheveled sleeping loft in the process. This prodject [intentionally misspelled] but we are out of the gate. One thing I do know is that we do not need any more linens.

Of course I found a few artifacts that can’t be flung. Like Tigey here. Tigey is 50-something and he is my brother’s first beach towel. Isn’t he cute? My first beach towel was not as fancy as Tigey but just as beloved. It was striped in various blue and green colors. It didn’t survive the years intact but occasionally some very familiar looking cleaning cloths resurface.

And then there are artifacts that are really cool but you are thinking something like, “Where would I put this and what would I do with it?” And serendipity happens. Like these old spectacles I found in a box of Mac family papers and letters and stuff. They once belonged to Carrie Chapman MacMullan, aka my great-grandmother. Wouldn’t you know that today my Mac clan uber-cuzzint was scheduled to arrive. I showed the glasses to her and of all things, she actually has a small collection of old family spectacles. You’ve got ’em, cuz, she’s your great-grandmother too! I did take a picture though.

It was so hot last night that we left the screens in our doors all night. That is a rarity and Grandroobly in particular didn’t like to do it in case a bear decided to break in. No bears broke in and it was still pretty warm this morning, until a front came through. Here we are at Clyde’s Drive-in, where it was chilly and windy and spitting rain at us. Our waitress was in good spirits despite the cold. Actually I think it was a probably a relief. (Lizard Breath took this beautiful photo).

Guess what? This is a terrible photo but it does provide evidence that some of these POCs are still in existence. (What you can’t see is that that seagull had just snagged a onion ring. When you go to Clyde’s, you CANNOT leave anything resembling food — including ketchup — on the tray because the seagulls will dive down and grab the food off your tray.)

Okay, then what? We vegged for a little while and then we headed out to the garage with the idea of sorting out books a bit. We didn’t get very far on that but somehow we migrated back into the moomincabin and embarked upon a very successful kitchen utensil sorting / flinging prodject [intentionally misspelled]. Like, how many wooden spoons does one cabin need? I’m sure we found at least 10. NPJane arrived mid-afternoon and we spent the late afternoon having a beer in the little hollow in front of the Old Cabin, where you can almost pretend it’s a Beach Day, even when it isn’t.

Oh, and I dunno who this guy is or why he has taken up residence on our deck but we have *got* to get him to move along. He’s scarier than the vampires and werewolves that used to hang out at the outhouse back in the day.

2 Responses to “Gigapods, uh… gigabots, uh… gigabytes (and teraflops)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    95 here today and I AM SWELTERING. Rare to feel this way in WA. Hate trying to sleep in the heat.

  2. UU Says:

    I love the beach towel. Probably just getting broken in.