Did I already post this photoooo?

I dunno. Prob’ly. If I did, deal with it >wink<

Soooo, back to work hi ho! Er, not. I mean I went back to work today but for a couple of hours I was the only person on my team that was there! Twilight Zone continues? I knew that New Cat-Herding Person (formerly Cube Nayber) and FZ were on vacay this week. But where were all the rest? About 9:30, I finally walked over and checked the time-off calendar. W1.5 was also on vacay, which I shouldda guessed because I didn’t see his wife on my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning. That left New Cube Nayber and the LSCHP.

It isn’t unusual for the LSCHP to wander in and out whenever, including evenings and weekends (not that I am ever there at those times). In fact, a couple years ago, he was out for a week or so and then I was out on scheduled vacay and *then* when I got back, he was out for a couple days *again*. *Finally* one morning I heard him come in and I scuttled over to his office and asked, “Remember me?” So it isn’t unusual for the LSCHP to be MIA at any given moment. New Cube Nayber? Not so much.

I settled in and got down to the business of answering questions from dev-type people, tinking away at specs and some gnarly javascript that I wrote before vacay and had to re-wrap my brain around. Eventually the two MIAs trickled in. Oh yeah, did I mention 0-skunk-30? Because it is now DARK when I leave for my morning skunk walk. The skunks are out at that time of day and it smelled SKUNKY around The Landfill when I left this morning. So I cannot just veg out while walking. I have to keep my eyes peeled! (Hey Sam, are there skunks in Hotlanta?)

What else. I am already sick of the traffic here. My vee-hickle is a 6-speed manual. It goes between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd very nicely thank you very much but it gets damn boring trundling around using [mostly] only those gears. And I am NOT a speed demon. But STOP LIGHT STOP LIGHT STOP LIGHT. Note to planet: that new Costco on Ellsworth Road and the accompanying stop light is making a MESS!!! FIX IT!!!

Also, I almost cannot listen to the radio any more but that is not a topic I can even attempt to be coherent about tonight. Or maybe ever.

4 Responses to “Did I already post this photoooo?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I stay far away from our Costco at certain times of the day. Nasty traffic. Skunky-yuck! There are times at school that my area is full of substitutes and I feel like the last teacher standing.

  2. Marquis Says:

    The residents of Bellingham, WA have asked Costco to provide American only hours. Costco has wisely declined.

  3. Sam Says:

    Skunks in GA, but I haven’t seen or smelled them in this neighborhood—at least the four-foot type. Porcupines were here in the past—their bones are in archaeological deposits—but they don’t walk here now (I have been told). Armadillos have arrived since, um, maybe the 1960s or 70s.

    The times they are a changin’.

  4. jane Says:

    random notes — I believe you will soon be suffering thru the construction of a roundabout at Ellsworth/State. and who knows what the roundabout will do for traffic. I first experienced roundabouts in France and loved them. the problem with our local ones is that they are TOO SMALL in diameter (radius too ;-). I’ll just end my rant there, and you all can just know that it’s true.

    I saw a dead porcupine along the highway driving home last Thursday and immediately thought of Fran. made me smile and laugh.

    smelled skunk in my ‘hood for the first time a couple nights ago.