Banana Buana hands

As the story goes, the beach urchin Lizard Breath was once a teensy tinesy little baby girl. A walking baby by that time, who liked banana buana. Until she didn’t. Because, don’tcha know, one of the axioms of raising children is that, as soon as you find a food that they like to eat, you buy ten tons of that particular food and then they suddenly refuse to eat it. Anyway, while she was still in a banana buana eating phase, she once walked around our bedroom wall making banana buana hand tracks along the way. I know it’s hard to tell what this is but it is actually a banana buana hand print that we have never managed bring ourselves to paint over.

So, the now 20-something banana buana handed kid came over and cooked us a stir-fry tonight (and took the banana buana hand photo) and subsequently headed off to other adventures. I keep thinking about cooking stir-fry and not quite getting it together. Now I have some great leftovers and all I had to do (and that was optional) was to clean off chicken-y cutting boards and bowls and things. And since I am a fanatical dish-processor, that was no problem.

But all that is not the most interesting news of the day. Probably the most interesting news of the day is that the lake freighter Paul Tregurtha, biggest boat on the great lakes (at least last I looked), went aground in the lower St. Mary’s River! In fact, it is aground both fore and aft, SIDEWAYS across the channel, which means (I think) it is blocking shipping traffic in both directions. Update: I was wrong. It is only blocking downbound. I was wrong. I did say “I think”, roight? Boatnerd has photoooos. We are not up at the moomincabin right now. I am sure that if we were, we would’ve driven down by the rock cut (near where the boat is aground) and tried to get our own photooos. I had absolutely TERRIBLE shoreline-type dreams last night. I hope those dreams were not prescient.

3 Responses to “Banana Buana hands”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Thank you for the news about the Tregurtha. We did not hear about it in our post camping delirium. I love the hand print on the wall. You two
    are Uber parents.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Stir fry sounds great, the wreck not so much!! Love having my kids cook for us. Ashley does it all the time; Alison is not much of a foodie.

  3. Marquis Says:

    “I had absolutely TERRIBLE shoreline-type dreams last night. I hope those dreams were not prescient.”

    I know that I shouldn’t write this, because only a troll would ever say what I’m about to say, but I find it highly annoying when you throw out non sequiturs like the quoted one above. I figure that you do it to elicit back channel conversations, but isn’t that like phishing? Please respond publicly if you chose to.