Rescue plants

First and foremost, I did not take that beautiful photo. Dogmomster took it and I stole it off of her facebook page.

I had no problem triaging The Commander’s clothing or furniture. I am slowly triaging all of her kitchen stuff, books, and papers, etc. House plants… In the dark days after her death in late February, I wondered what to do… Sigh. During the last year of The Comm’s life, her house plants suffered. Her wonderful cleaning lady / friend watered them on the occasions I hired her to do her “thing” and we would commiserate about how bad we both were with house plants. The GG always remembered to water them when he was there. Me? Not so much. I do not do well with house plants. I either neglect them entirely or drown them. There is no in-between.

I didn’t know what to do with all of those plants. Compost? Throwing healthy living plants into the compost was too sad. Therefore, I was greatly relieved when Lizard Breath and Dogmomster enthusiastically adopted The Commander’s house plants. And I am now overjoyed to know that The Comm’s plants are thriving. Well, there is still that one huuuuuge pot with the “tree” in it. We have managed to get it to The Landfill. Gearing up to get it to Fabulous Ferndale.

Dogmomster adopted a big pot of African violets that desperately needed to be separated and repotted. I wouldn’t have known that but she did it and the photo is of one of the new pots that is blooming. I have seen the plants that Lizard Breath adopted and they are doing well too. How can all of you people have such wonderful green thumbs?

Thank you.

Disclaimer: I will not be upset if any of The Commander’s plants do not make it. I am okay with that. We have done our best and that’s all we can do.

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