Need an apparation app. Not sure I would do well with floo powder.

With floo powder, I’d probably end up down in one of the [two] holes in My Dear Uncle Harry’s Outhouse. Pick one. I guess the problem with either of those technologies would be how you schlep all of your cosmic debris with you. We (thank you god or whoever) did not haul the snowbilly trailer up to the yooperland with us today. But we did stop at The Beautiful Gay’s beautiful house (see photooo) long enough to pick up the *kayak* trailer and have a glass of whine on her deck and look at the latest pictures of her newest grandchild. At least *I* had a glass of whine. I was done driving for the day. Actually, I asked for a half glass and that was probably a good thing because the UU and TBG have HUUUUUUGE whine glasses so I pretty much got a full glass. Which was fine, of course. >wink< But does your cosmic debris schlep with you when you apparate?

Babblety babblety. Anyway, here we are in the yooperland again, just for the weekend this time. The last inhabitants (last weekend) were Lizard Breath and her life-long friend and can I just say that if I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought that The Beautiful Gay had been in here to scour the place after they left. Thank you Liz and C for leaving the place in such a loverly condition. And they didn’t even guzzle up all of the ‘hattan juice. The GG walked in and immediately noticed open windows. “She left the *windows* open”, he said. “Ohhhh, noooo, she didn’t,” said I. I was the first one in by a long shot (he was unhooking the kayak trailer) and I immediately set about opening windows and putting the screens into the doors. Warm and humid in a very comfortable way here but stuffy inside because when nobody is here, we *have* to shut the windows, etc. So kudos to Lizard for being a responsible adult and leaving the moomincabin probably cleaner than she found it. If I were The Commander, I would feel obligated to add that *all* of her grandchildren were equally wonderful. This always cracked me up. The truth is that they *are* all equally wonderful but I am complimenting *one* of them on a very particular thing, a thing that affects my life directly and in an immediate sense, since I am the next person to inhabit the moomincabin.

I kind of wanted to stay at The Beautiful Gay’s house all weekend but we had to get back on the road. One of these days…

2 Responses to “Need an apparation app. Not sure I would do well with floo powder.”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Regarding schlepping stuff, you need a Bag of Holding –

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love it when my kids clean up really well. Unfortunately it is very rare!!