I think the one on the left needs some nostril rings, don’t you?

So, after a whole morning of wrangling HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with one of our top-notch asp.net developers, I headed over to the apple store “genius” bar to [finally] drop off my lemonish MacBook Pro.

Can I just repeat for the umpteenth time that I headed to the Apple Store with the usual trepidation. Hey, even though I have owned and programmed computers since 1980, and currently work as a systems analyst in the online banking industry, the “geniuses” over at the Apple Store always seem to initially evaluate me as some baggy old broad who is looking for help making a sideshow of photos of her grandchildren. (Say what?) Oh this gal doesn’t know anything about “gestures” or whatever and needs some basic instruction. (SAY WHAT?)

I always get the feeling that maybe the genius thinks it is something I am doing wrong and not a problem with my high-end late model musheen. My teeth weren’t clenched this time. I threw my tantrum last night and I was over the anger by this afternoon. I rather wearily interrupted my genius to volunteer the information that I had been programming computers since before he was born 1980. I am frickin’ sick of having to tell Apple Store “geniuses” stuff like this. I do not know it all. Heck, there’s way way way too much for any one person to know. But I am not some baggy old broad who can’t even use a browser and I do know when my track pad doesn’t work, fer kee-reist.

Whatever. My MacLemon will be back in 5-7 days. I will make do until them. It’ll be back before we head to the San Juans and I wasn’t planning to take it there anyway. Iphone & iPad. Travelin’ light.

One Response to “I think the one on the left needs some nostril rings, don’t you?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    SAN JUANS? Are there some in MI too? If not…could you be coming to WA?? *excitement* I hate how judged I get at the Apple Store too. In fact, I dread going there because I feel that so many of the employees are pretentious, fake and condescending. Especially to us baggy ladies. 😉