Well, if Goose was were home, you could drive her some bacon!

Maudlin? Yesirree bob. I am maudlin. 2:18 PM text message from Mouse: “Leaving.” 5:07 PM, Mouse to Moom upon answering one o’ them thar ‘areya there yet?’ calls from her helicopter moom: “I’m around the corner.” Meaning around the corner from her apartment, not from the Landfill, which would mean Goose’s house. Reason for call? It is exactly 100 miles from here to Kalamamalakazookman, and that usually only takes an hour and a half on the I94 18-wheel Clogway (no offense intended to our own GrandMotherTrucker or any other truckers) unless there’s ice or a jaffic tram or whatever. Reason for forgetting to call Moominmama upon arrival? Visiting Tom, Dick, and Poindexter “around the corner.” Friends from last year’s study-abroad program in Senegal. [Er, names and genders changed to protect the innocent from ababsurdo.] And that’s okay. I was happy to hear that Mouse had arrived safely and was having fun. And she’s probably rolling her eyes at this.

Today. My “baby” Mouse left home to begin her senior year in college. She took my beloved Cute Little Blue Honda Civic with her. With my blessings. That vee-hickle has served me very well. I particularly remember the winter it was new and I drove it down to the Henry Ford Hoosegow 23 days in a row. But now I have the Invisible Ninja Vee-hickle. *And* my old but *beloved* Dogha. Which I drove to work today, thank you very much. It is starting just fine now that we have replaced the battery that had 115K on it, so that problem was not related to ethanol or methanol or whatever. And now Mouse is probably *really* rolling her eyes. But that cute little warhorse of a vee-hickle is in good hands.

Oh well, the GG is home and I have been on the phone with The Commander (don’t ask 😉 ) and life threatens to go on at a faster clip than I would like it too and I am (almost) thoroughly distracted from the whole empty nest syndrome at the moment. But this morning, before I went to work, Mouse and I did a little field trip out to Dexter to Jenny’s Farm Market. There are all kinds of pickles and preserves and fresh vegetables there and there are aminals too, ponies and goats and an overly friendly dog named Molly who tried to climb into my car when we parked there. Click here or on the pic for sloppy iPhone pics of Jenny’s Farm Market. For no other reason than it was a fun thing to do and this is southeast Michigan at its prime. We bought some things and the very friendly counter guy gave us some free doughnuts. Grok Grok. Ifya look close enuf, y’ c’n see Ol’ Baggy! Betchya can’t gess witch pitcher it is. Grok grok!

Now, who will tell us when House episodes are on TV and what channel they are on…


3 Responses to “Well, if Goose was were home, you could drive her some bacon!”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    “House” is on USA every night starting at 8PM, running 2-3 episodes each evening. go to


    looks like 51 on your cable

  2. pengie Says:

    Me! I’ll tell you! I love House. I’ll twitter everything.

  3. Sheila M Says:

    House is a great show. Have you seen Fringe yet? That show rocks! I think it is going to be on after HOUSE!
    Your BLAHG! is fun.