“Life is about moving things from one place to another”

Today: SeaTac once and Daytwa Metro twice. Yeah, twice. Landed there this afternoon from SeaTac, then back to pick up the beach urchins, who were on a flight that took off from SeaTac not too long before *we* landed at Metro. Parse that, if you will. Fortunately, Metro is a quick 25 miles from The Landfill on a good day and today was a good day. At any rate, I am back on the Planet Ann Arbor again and I think I am finished with airports for a while.

It’ll be a while before I completely process the last six days but here are some thanks (and an apology).

Thanks to UKW’s wonderful neighbors R & J for putting us up in their luxurious spare bedroom with private bath. We only regret not having more time to spend talking to them. (Another time?) Mouse and the GG did get to go on a hike with R on Sunday while the rest of us slackers chose to take a less strenuous route.

Thanks to the bride and groom for inviting us!

Thanks to all of the friendly Lopezians who went out of their way to make us feel at home. The folks who provided the [gorgeous outdoor] venue for the rehearsal dinner and the folks who provided the [gorgeous outdoor] venue for the wedding and those who provided all of the food — caterer and various volunteers (my fave being, “I have this fish [big fresh-caught salmon] and I’m crashing the party”). All of these people, whether serving in a paid capacity or just lending a hand, are part of UKW’s community, many of them as close to being her family as I am. So glad to finally meet them!

Thanks to [my cousin] Jay and her husband Carl for putting us up in their Seattle home last night so we could catch an early flight. Not to mention that Carl squired the beach urchins around town this morning and then shuttled them to Seatac for their flight. Oh and when we got there yesterday after a fun but looooong day, there was beer and a lovely bottle of Shiraz! Now, UKW and yer fav-o-rite blahgger might be known for kicking back getting just a wee bit silly with a bottle of whine. Jay and Carl? They are not teetotalers but I knew that the Shiraz was there for meeeeee. They knew that I would be ready by that time. I only wish we’d had more time to explore downtown Seattle with them. (Another time.)

Thanks to our nephew S for meeting us (and Jay) downtown for dinner and a bit of a walkabout. Again, I wish for more time.

Apologies to a couple of long-time Seattle-area blahg friends, Agate Gal and Stargazer, for *not* arranging for a meet-up. Given that we were out there for a family event on a remote island and they also have very busy lives, it was impossible. I think all of us knew that. Still, so close and yet so far away… Another time?

THANKS to UKW for more things than I can begin to list, at least not tonight. Like I said, I have not even begun to process the last six days. I am going to be dreaming of “organically-grown” dwellings surrounded by gardens and pastures and tall fir trees. I am going to be dreaming of gliding past islands on giant ferries, watching the sun rise. I am going to be dreaming of schlepping things from one place to another. Actually, I already have dreams like that. I call them “packing” dreams. Maybe I’ll try to suppress those.

To all my family (outlaws included), thanks for being my family. I’m glad that we know each other so well and are still so friendly after all these years. We may all have our little quirks (I certainly do!) but I think we’ve turned out pretty darn well, don’t you? >huge-grin<

G’night! It’s late here but it’s only 8:00 PM on the left coast and I seem to have partially acclimated myself to that time zone. Tomorrow morning is gonna be absolutely brutal!

4 Responses to ““Life is about moving things from one place to another””

  1. Marquis Says:

    Show up late, leave early, take a long lunch, wear sunglasses.

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a beautiful post and it sounds like it was a trip full of memories!! Next time for SURE. I won’t let you set foot in the state without some kind of meet up. I know that Tonya agrees! 🙂

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    That should be a new vacation spot for you. Actually, I have only been to Seattle once, and I did not get to downtown Seattle. I need to make Seattle my vacation spot too!

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I could *sense* your proximity the whole time you were here! And of COURSE I understood. Just very glad you were able to enjoy some sunny days — and there’s nothing better than ferry rides when the weather is stellar! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.