In which the Back Light is resurrected

I knew there had to be pictures of the Back Light somewhere in the universe but I didn’t think they would be very easily dredged up. Today we were schlepping stuff in to The Commander’s house and she was fuddly-duddling around in the kitchen, so I rooted around looking for old pictures. The Back Light was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind. I was looking for pictures of me and the ol’ boy when we were kids. And I was having a devil of a time finding them. Seemed like I could find every generation but mine. Randomly, I picked up a little plastic box with a picture of Lizard Breath on top and started leafing through the photos in it. Lizard, Valdemort as a baby, the ol’ boy, Radical Betty, and others. And then. A winter expotition to the Back Light! Grandroobly, the ol’ boy, and Laker! When we were kids, we used to be able to actually go inside the Back Light, climb the staircase to the top, and look out over the swamp to Gitchee Gumee. I don’t think anyone went inside on this expotition. The old light is leaning pretty far over in these pics. I don’t remember exactly what year the Back Light fell but it woke Radical Betty up when it did. Earthquake, anyone? Click on the thumbnails and click again for full-size pictures.

7 Responses to “In which the Back Light is resurrected”

  1. le Maquis Says:

    Cool Pics!

  2. le Marquis de Saint Louis Says:

    Does changing my name become annoying?

  3. Pooh Says:

    The last picture looks like the lighthouse is trying for a lean that is halfway between the lean of the tree on the left and the one one the right. I don’t think anyone in their right minds would try to go up the stairs with a lean like that!

  4. jane Says:

    I have some pics of it down…. somewhere. it was like climbing up a carnival ride at the end – lean this way, lean that way. but always very cool to be up at the top among the trees.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Jane, I have copies of the pictures of it after it fell down at home.

    le Marquis de Saint Louis (and everyone): name changes are not annoying! Really. 🙂 However, the only way I can keep spammers from commenting (you know, the s*x tape folks, et al) is to set WordPress up so it traps all first-time commenters until I approve them. So, every time a previously approved commenter uses a new name, they have to go through the moderation process again. It is just a quick bit of clickety-clickety on this end.

  6. Dog Mom Says:

    yeah, and do you remember all the discussion (started by The Ol’ Boy) about “rescuing” the stairs from the fallen Back Light and giving them new life as the new way to get to the upstairs in the Cabin? I rather doubt Jack appreciated that too much 😉 The Ol’ Boy got a kick outta tweakin’ the Ol’ Man!!!

  7. Valdemort Says:

    Stairs? Huh? I’m missing something here, but I have my suspicions.