I can haz scissors (and other random Saturday stuff)

Lemme see… Woke up at 0-skunk-30 and made my usual iPhone rounds… Weather? C-c-c-c-cold today… Leggings, socks, [sandals], silk/wool turtleneck sweater, scarf, polartech jacket, glubs. Twitter? The usual grab-bag of polly-tickal / news type stuff except… Oh wait! It’s Saturday! Roos Roast posted an instagram on Twitter. As I was dragging myself outta bed this morning, our fave coffee purveyor (sorry Sbucks) was *already* downtown *at* the farmer’s market providing coffee to his market neighbors. I took a shower and then, grok grok grok, git outta bed, Roos Roast is already at the farmer’s market. Let’s get going!

After our walking trip to the farmer’s market, I walked to the Plum Market and then there was another [driving] trip to the farmer’s market and *then*, us Landfill denizens commenced a pretty darn good flinging session.

We were interrupted at one point by a person at the door! No, it was not someone trying to find Knight’s Steakhouse >wink< It was a polly-tickal type person. I don’t normally like to answer the door but this person was on my wave-length and that’s as far as I’m gonna go with that.

So, in the midst of all this activity, I was scouring my collection of vintage Sunset Magazine cookbooks for a recipe. It was the Fiesta Salad that Radical Betty always made when I was young and I was pretty sure it had originally come from Sunset. Beans and tomatoes and other stuff that I couldn’t remember. For a while, it was a moominbeach favorite but I don’t remember it being served for a long time. Finally, I sought out the huuuuge shoebox of recipes that I grabbed from The Commander’s house after she died last February. The recipes in this box were curated by The Commander and there are handwritten recipes from her mother-in-law (my grandma Margaret) annotated “for Frances” and *many* others. The Comm was democratic in her inclusion of recipes. Along-side recipes from my grandma are recipes from the likes of students in The Comm’s high-school “home-ec” class and Pengo Janetto. And many that she clipped out of newspapers or magazines. I hope I can someday find the “chop-suey” recipe she served us as kids. I really liked that one. It had water chestnuts. Grandroobly, not so much >wink<

So, scissors? I can haz them. Can I haz 20-something pairs? Yee. I have been picking away at my “studio” down in the Landfill Dungeon. I have a whole bunch of scissors here in the Landfill Chitchen. Turns out I had even more scissors down in the dungeon. I now have a whole bunch of scissors packaged up to take to Kiwanis next Saturday (or whenever we manage to get down there). Somehow, I got on a roll today and cleaned off my whole “sewing table”. It was once the Courtois clan’s dinner table when the GG and his nine siblings were kids and it was a good sewing table for me for a while, until, well, you know.

I cleaned this table off today. And you can see the ancient Electrolux vacuum cleaner down there. The one that I got down on my knees with today and dredged up old beads and threads and (a few mouse turds but not enough to freak me out and anyway, I think they are old). I could’ve let Roomba do it but she wouldn’t have picked up pins and needles that were stuck in the carpet. I did that by hand. I don’t have a before picture because I had no idea at the beginning of today that I would clean that table off. I’ve cleaned it off before. I dumped junk upon it again. I will probably do that *again*. Sighhhh…. Pride can go before a fall and I don’t want anyone who is knee-deep into the Flinging Process to feel bad about the fact that I actually have a clean table in the Landfill Dungeon. There is still a lot to do down there (note the mattresses…). Anyway, I am sure I will backslide again. Two steps forward, three steps back…

At four PM, the GG was napping on one of the Back Room couches. He deserved a nap. He also did some damn good flinging today. I dredged him off the couch again and we went over to our new fave hiking trail for a late afternoon walk. While we were hiking, our daughter was at our house wondering where the heck we were. We were sorry to miss her but we were in a good place and, all in all, it was a pretty darn good day. Don’t you think, @tmotu?

One Response to “I can haz scissors (and other random Saturday stuff)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Very good day and I DO like the look of that recipe. I will have to sub something in for the bell pepper though(blech), maybe avocado. A productive flinging day is always positive. I winterized both lawns and got gas in my car.(ouch) I’ll run most of it through it on our trip to Bellingham tomorrow. Oh, well!!