Oh, yeah, that’s right…

I galumphed out of the Landfill this morning with all my work gear, locked the door, and immediately remembered that it was something like 30 degrees. I was dressed for fall with tights and a silk/wool turtleneck, etc., but I HAD NO GLUBS ON! I knew that the forecast was sunny and mid-50s and I had locked the door (why, I do not know because the GG was still inside), so I made the executive decision to suffer for the few minutes it would take for the Ninja to warm up.

Okay. Zippity-doo-dah. Off to work. Aaaandd, for the second time this fall, my cute little Ninja took just a weeeeee bit longer to start than it usually does. The Ninja is such a zippy little vee-hickle that I think of it as new but truth told, we bought it four years ago. It’s probably time… I mean for a new battery, not a new vee-hickle. But it did start up and then I looked at zeee veeeendshield and there was water all over it so what did I do? I flicked on zeee veeeendshield vipers. What would you do? Oops. Errrr, sgratch, swish. That was H2O on there but it was in its solid state. All right, where is zeee veeeendshield viper scraper. Of course there was one right there in the driver’s side door pocket. This *is* The Great Lake State and we don’t ever remove ice scrapers from our vee-hickles.

I will admit that the ice on my windshield was not particularly solid and it only took a couple of scrapes to eradicate it. I took off for work and I did indeed warm up pretty quickly. (What is really stupid about all of this is that I knew very well how cold it was this morning because when I took my 0-skunk-30 walk, I was appropriately dressed for the weather.)

But. Helloooo… It is October and this is Michigan and more warm weather is almost certainly in our future but this morning was a little heads-up that things *will* go downhill. Last night, my phone weather was alerting like crazy that there could be a frost overnight, and there was. I like to be alerted about lightning and tornadoes and derechos and things. What I don’t understand is why a frost in early October in our upper great lake state merits an alert. The farmers in this state know to expect a freeze at this time of year. It isn’t anywhere near abnormal.

I took that photoooo from “my” work parking place this morning. It’s almost possible to make believe that there are no buildings across that pond. I don’t really have an assigned parking place at work. It’s just that our parking lot is a bit overbuilt and almost nobody (except me) ever parks in the third row out from the building by the pond. So I have picked a spot and I can’t believe how irritated I get on the VERY RARE occasion that someone parks in “my” spot or even next to it. Except when it’s a bird-watching crew there to observe and photograph our diverse avian pond denizens. Those folks are welcome to use my spot!

3 Responses to “Oh, yeah, that’s right…”

  1. UU Says:

    Was 30 degrees here. I had no coat but there was not much wind. Did get up in the 50’s later in the day. Colors are awesome.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Winter is on its way–but you’d never know it here. In the low 70s during the day, but probably into the 40s at night. Love this weather. (although it can’t last)

  3. Pooh Says:

    There was heavy dew on the windshield and grass yesterday morning, but not doo or frost. (Spelling pre-test yesterday had the kids giggling when I said, “DEW. There was DEW on the grass in the morning. DEW.”)