How ’bout them thar debates?

Just kidding!

Do you have a Key Basket? Where do you drop your car keys when you enter your landfill? I have a Key Basket. I have a Key Basket at The Landfill and there is a Key Basket at the moomincabin. I did not start the key basket tradition. The moomincabin key basket has been around for years, maybe even since I was a kid but I mainly remember that flashlights (for going to the outhouse at night, of course) and the train whistle (for calling kids home for lunch or whatever) were kept there. Anyway. This weekend, I am keeping the *one* pair of 50-cent KMart-style glubs that I have up here in the Key Basket. At least I am trying to remember to keep them there. I have a Glub Basket at The Landfill. The moomincabin is a SUMMER PLACE and I do not have a Glub Basket here.

Anyway! We left from Gaylord this morning and we were on the alert for Black Ice on the roads via a text message from the Uncly Uncle, who leaves for work around the time I *usually* get up and take my 0-skunk-30 walk. I am sure that it was slippery in some spots but we were taking it easy with the Frog Hopper and Snowbilly Trailer and we stopped at Wah Wah Soo Park to get this beauteous photooo and then we made it to the Yooperland okay.

I’ll spare you my Mackinac Bridge crossing photooo. I always take one going north but I don’t do the southbound equivalent unless there’s something interesting to report. I’m going south to Troll Land, sheesh! I love Troll Land too but somehow I am not usually very excited about crossing the bridge going south. So here is the Moominbeach with a wee bit of snow.

And for beach denizens, here is what our current pathway looks like with a wee bit of snow on it.

The snow is gone now. Temperatures rose today and they are expected to continue an upward trend throughout the weekend. When we arrived this morning, all of the trees were “raining” snow from the last couple of days. The sun was out and everything was beautiful. We (the GG) got our propane stove going and we met up with Pete over in the garage next door and then we spent some time in Town (aka Sault Ste Siberia). We are here at the moomincabin now and I have made some progress about organizing “stuff” (i.e., bagging up the rest of the linens and figuring out what to take down to The Landfill to sort out next).

I am eating an elephant these days. Maybe a couple of elephants. How do you eat an elephant? Well… One bite at a time. Today, I was dredging things out of the garage here at the moomincabin and I found the skunk cabbage inspired mittens that the Grand Poobah made for The Commmander back in 2011 when she first had the issues that led to her death. Here are those mittens, which I will mail to Pooh soon.

2 Responses to “How ’bout them thar debates?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    SNOW? Wow. I love the mittens. I didn’t watch the debate since I’m already sure for whom I’m voting. 😉 Not that you or I want to discuss politics right now. SICK OF ALL OF IT!

  2. Sam Says:

    Snow? Rain here—rain soaking tourists who did not fork over extra cash to take the wee train (you guessed it: petit train)—in which they would have been almost as wet as walking (no side panel), but would have escaped the weather sooner. Such are the tradeoffs of life.