Thursday randomness

I am still feeling rant-y but it’s been an intense week of coding and flowcharting and spreadsheeting and [technical] writing and I am also feeling my typical Thursday incoherence. So you are spared. Or maybe not. Dunno where this’ll go…

Coffee with MMCB at Barry’s this AM. MMCB and I are usually on the same side of most political issues but this time is a bit different and we engaged in some lively (and friendly) debate today. And then we moved on. As usual, when we parted, I asked, “where are you going next?” I can’t keep track. In just the last year, it’s been something like Viet Nam, Croatia, someplace in The Netherlands and Capetown (in the same trip!), a few other exotic places that I can’t remember, and Florida enough times that she knew one of the stewardesses on the return flight by name. Florida mostly because MMCB has been living a parallel version of my current life this last year. Except she doesn’t have a trashmobile. And yes, we are still trying to figure out why the heck this jet-setter has been having coffee with the likes of a baggy old kayak woman like meeeeee all these years. Er, except that she is *extremely* down-to-earth, like me…

I am horrified at the idea that various corporate entities are sending letters to their employees encouraging them to vote in one direction or another. I know that it is legal to do that but it is sad that people in this country can be made to feel intimidated to vote one way or another by their employers. I think we all want to use more best [business] practices in delivering government services but a country is not a business and people are not widgets. And there is no evidence that a businessman[woman] would be a great president.

At my work, nobody EVER talks about polly-ticks. At least nobody on my team. We are there to WORK and it is definitely a relief that we don’t have those stupid water-cooler conversations. Well, W1.5 has been known to ask me my opinion of 5th Ward Planet Ann Arbor council candidates but that’s a whole ‘nother thing. I don’t know if he votes for “my” candidates or not and I don’t care. At least he votes!

Companies that actively try to influence their employees’ voting preferences are one reason that unions exist. And that is also an argument against privatizing every last public function. I’m just sayin’.

Moving on… About the time my brain turned totally to mush this afternoon, I walked out into the lunch room and there was a huge RAINBOW! And then I narrowly avoided what looked like a huge jaffic tram on the westbound I94 18-wheel Clogway. There is almost *always* an eastbound backup but never a westbound backup when I head home. Today was the opposite. I snaked through Briarwood Mall, then home via the old route I used to take to and from Briarwood when I still shopped at Briarwood. Like back when Faber’s Fabrics was still there. Now, about the only time I go there is when I have to go to the stupid genius bar over at the Apple Store, which I have to keep doing every few months because the stupid trackpad on my loverly lemon-flavored MacBook Pro stops, uh, tracking…

4 Responses to “Thursday randomness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Our union endorses people for office, but I vote the way I want–sometimes the way they want me to! Other times, not. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m going to remember that: Polly-ticks. If you are out and about, they will get on you. And suck your blood if you’re not careful. Question: are they more active as the month of October comes to an end?

  3. Jay Says:

    We are forbidden to polly-tick at work. It is against the law, unless our Board decides to formally adopt an opinion on a subject.
    But that makes it easy to keep quiet.
    Except when it comes to figuring out whether we need to put our women into a binder.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Bind our feet, bind our breasts, bind our wounds, bound for glory, where are our boundaries? (Random thoughts that spring to mind when I hear “binder” and “women” in the same sentence.)

    Jay, you should definitely put the women in the field, into top management, but not in a binder.