Okay, so my loverly MacBook Pro laptop’s power thingy hasn’t been working all that well lately. Last night I figured out that it wasn’t charging my loverly MacBook Pro at at all. Our plan today was to drive to Detroit to meet up with Lizard Breath for her birthday. Okay, bad power cord, let’s get a new one. We’ll stop at Briarwood on the way to Detroit. Long story short, the power thingy worked at the Apple Store and I made a “genius” apppointment for tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, our fancy new (2008) (yes) front-loading high-efficiency washing musheen was throwing error messages left and right. The GG re-a-started the washing musheen and I complained that we were going to leave the Landfill with the washer going. I said something like, “What if it burns the house down?” And then, “Oh well, all of the crap will be gone.”
The GG said something like, “that’s a deal” and we kind of winked and giggled at each other and then we drove the Ninja down into Dee-troit to meet up with the elder beach urchin for a bit of a birthday kind of celebration.

We began at Belle Isle, where they have newly opened the aquarium. When I was a kid from the yooperland, I used to love going to Belle Isle when we visited my grandparents in Detroit. When I entered the newly opened aquarium, I had to work hard to not tear up a bit, remembering Grandaddy and Bolette and my own parents and childhood… (Not to overstate that, really it was just a moment.)

Lunch and then a block party type thing at a brewery. Good good times.

Got home and guess what? Washing musheen seems to be working fine (knock on wood). And frickin’ MacBook Pro powercord is working again. That’s about as far as I’m gonna go with that… Good times in Detroit today with Liz and all of her friends. Her Great-Grandad MacMullan and Bolette would be happy to see us hanging out down there and they would be ecstatic to see people settling down there in the beautiful city of Detroit again.

2 Responses to “Poltergeists”

  1. GG Says:

    … I think we are in the Bermuda Triangle … all the instruments are going crazy …

  2. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like GOOD times, except for the strange washer issues. I hate when my appliances(or anything) doesn’t work correctly!! So, Detroit is going through a renaissance? That’s awesome!!