Moom, we’re taking me to college and I just read that sign “Pope-ee-yes”

The young man in the picture is our nephew Jim and he is giving his parents the “go-away so I can par-tay” sign there. Just kidding, Jim and Becky. This is the kid we used to call Little Jimmy, the one who once toddled around inspecting every light switch and lucky-shucky plug in sight and probably some that weren’t visible. He probably had a whole schematic of the lucky-shucky in his house in his head by the time he was three. He grew up to lead an award-winning robotics team in high school and now he has begun his first year at the University of Chicago. By my description, y’all are prob’ly thinkin’ he’s gonna be an engineer of some sort. I don’t know what Jim’s plans are but I will tell you that he is a multi-talented young man with a wide variety of interests and many of them don’t fit into the category of engineering. So I think we will just have to wait and see what he does. I bet it will be something interesting.

Anyway, the trip to Jim’s college involves largely the same route as our kids’ journeys thereof, except that Chicago is a couple hours past Kalamamalakazookman (oh, don’t ask where that came from ;-)). So. Six years ago, right around this time of September, we drove our Lizard Breath over to Kalamazoo College to begin her freshman year. I remember I cooked a whole big breakfast that morning before we left. Nobody could eat. Nervous? I think we all were. At one point, Liz grabbed me and stage-whispered, “Can you get Dad to settle down?” Ultimately, dealing with setting up her computer et al kept him occupied.

At our kids’ small private liberal arts college, the freshman drop-off day involves a long, boring convocation ceremony and then little break-out sessions where the tearful parents meet with their student’s freshman writing teacher. We were asked to write down one statement about our student, i.e., this is not kindergarten and that’s all you helicopter parents get. Being a hindsight kind of gal, I couldn’t think of *anything*, and so sat there with my mouth open. The GG wrote, “she’s tougher than she looks” and that was (and is) so so so true. No different than when she was a 4-year-old kindergartner, really.

I was not one of the mothers who cried when they left their kid. I said goodbye, we drove home, I made the GG a stiff ‘hattan, and headed over to do my (then) job as the A2 Young Actors Guild administrator. We had auditions that night and I needed to be there at least at the end. Was I nervous? Shoot, yes! Will my kid adjust okay to college or call home crying every night? Will she get good grades or flunk out after the first semester? Life is so hard. But she was fine! She thrived on college. Grades? Fine and improved throughout the years. She only called home crying once in four years, when she slipped on ice and thought her arm was broken.

Congratulations, Jim. U of C is a wonderful school and your whole life is ahead of you. Thumbs up!

3 Responses to “Moom, we’re taking me to college and I just read that sign “Pope-ee-yes””

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Hey! Now I have someone to visit if I ever go to Chicago. Have a great year at U of C.

  2. grandmothertrucker Says:

    Isn’t he handsome? Yes, I think he’s just handsome. Must be a Courtois….. ahhh… time for another one to spread their wings and fly…… Garth and Sally would be proud too.

  3. mouse Says:

    Which one of us said that? I can’t remember… My internet is still down, but hopefully it will be fixed today.

    It’s too complicated to log into my e-mail online right now, so here is my list.
    1) Table. Re-tape both ends before you pack it, otherwise the pieces will fall out.
    2) One of the dish tubs that are in the basement (there is a green on and a white one, just bring one of them).
    3) The jar of tahini that I left in the refrigerator.
    4) If you go to TJ’s, a loaf of San Fransisco style multi-grain sourdough brea. It comes in a plastic bag with a yellow label. Don’t go out of your way for it, though.

    <3 <3
    Sorry to put this in your comments,