I had to move the microscope to get this photooo

As you can see, I did not dust this little corner of the Landfill universe. It is the GG’s area, along with the Freak-out Chamber and his mothership / snack table. And a few other places that I am chomping at the bit to de-clutter and fling. Not that I don’t still have a lot of my own stuff to fling.

A question: Does anyone have experience with converting old cassette tapes to MP3? We don’t really have a lot of tapes hanging around that aren’t downloadable via iTunes (and yes we can afford to do that, you old coot) but there some ancient “mix tapes”, particularly Agaloogaboogdigby (and then there’s one where [I think] The Commander is playing the puano piano), that I would like to take to the restaurant at the end of the universe. I spent probably a half hour today doing online research on that technology. I was overwhelmed by the choices. If you have done this, what did you use and how well did it work? If your device is not Mac-compatible, it’s of no use to me. And I am not a sound-snob. If you want real sound, you listen to real people playing music in real-time (and making mistakes…) But that’s all a rant for another day…

I did get *some* deep-cleaning done today but I did not pull heavy furniture out from the wall and vacuum *behind* it. I need to do that. Soon. I did make progress though. And I flung some more stuff, mostly clothing I haven’t worn for a couple years.

At the end of the afternoon, I went out to the patio with a glass of whine. It was a mini-bottle of whine that was in The Commander’s mini-fridge in her room at Freighter View and it’s been hanging around for a while and, although I don’t normally drink Lambrusco, I decided it was time to fling it. So I sat on the patio and listened to the usual post-football-game emergency vee-hickles siren around the area and there was a chippy scurrying about mostly ignoring me. Alas. Lambrusco is a sweet wine and I cannot tell you how many insects found their way into my glass, which caused me to dump it. Sayanora.

Last but not least, I toasted the 29 guys who died 37 years ago when the great lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sunk and broke up in a huge storm on Lake Superior. Here’s a video and I will leave you with the news that facebook friends who live on Whitefish Bay report very high winds tonight too. I get a little sappy about the Edmund Fitz and, as I sat on my crappy old patio today, I played the video on my phone and, as I toasted the Fitz, there were tears but I forced them back.

Kayak Woman

5 Responses to “I had to move the microscope to get this photooo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love that Gordon Lightfoot song about the Edmund Fitzgerald! You sound way more accomplished than I, although I did mop, mow both lawns and do a little yard work. I need to dust and vacuum too, but it disturbs my husband who is always around these days. 🙁

  2. l4827 Says:

    Nice video . . . . Hard to understand what life must be like on the boats when the storms blow.

  3. Mac Says:

    I just use an old boom box with a cable from the earphone jack to audio in on my computer.
    Not great but not bad
    You’ll have to figure out what software to use, I’m a PC guy

  4. isa Says:

    Hey I was looking into tape to electronic dubbing equipment a while ago. I also think I have an audio cable that has a headphone jack on both ends. Maybe I’ll get the tapes from you next time I’m home and try it out?

  5. jane Says:

    wow – can’t believe I got thru the Edmund Fitz anniversary and never heard the song or any related news. ok, I WAS watching football most of the afternoon….