First cousins once removed

At least that’s what our relationship would be if we were actually related. We’re not, but the woman that I met for lunch today can claim me as a cousin any time she wants to. She is so much like the cousins I already have on both sides of my family…

Yes, I met up with my [step]grandmother’s niece today and returned her grandmother’s exquisite handmade linens to her. I had no idea who or what to expect. I arrived a few minutes before she did but I recognized her immediately as she drove in. Not because she looks a lot like my step-grandmother [her sister does] but because somehow I knew. Similar vee-hickle to mine, blonde, and casually but nicely dressed. Oh, not platinum blonde, down-to-earth blonde like I am…

I am not the best at social interactions but can I just say we hit it off right off the bat and it was wonderful to talk and fill in a few little gaps here and there. I always loved visiting my grandparents in Detroit but what I didn’t remember is that the house they lived in had been Bolette’s house, the one she shared with her first husband, who died of cancer. I may be on information overload here but I *think* that other members of Bolette’s family also lived on Mark Twain Street. It sounds to me like it was similar to life on the mooninbeach.

Will we keep in touch and meet up? I don’t know. We both have very busy lives. But we know each other now and we know how to find each other and we live in the same city.

Small but beautiful world…

4 Responses to “First cousins once removed”

  1. Paulette Says:

    A beautifully touching story, KW. Fran (Miss her dearly) is smiling on the other side. What a beautiful photo.

  2. isa Says:


  3. Jan Miller Says:

    I’m so glad that you had a good visit with Shirley!! Love Jan

  4. Margaret Says:

    Those are magic moments! Glad you enjoyed yourself and felt comfortable. 🙂