“I eat properly. Red meat and gin.” –Julia Child.

Here I sit. It’s about three o’clock and I am sitting in the Landfill back yard whining a bit, since I have been [mostly] on my feet since 0-skunk-30, which was about an hour before I took the photoooo of the approaching sunrise behind Ritsema Woods. “Warm” and “sunny” are not usually words you associate with Thanksgiving, at least not here in the forlorn, god-forsaken Great Lake State. Global warming? I dunno what I believe about that. I do *not* believe the earth was created 9000 years ago and I do not think children should be taught that as “science”. But let’s leave that rather tenuous little tangent alone today.

It is a minimalist Thanksgiving here at The Landfill. Lemme see: Turkey on the grill (it’s a gas grill and can function like an oven) “stuffed” with lemons and clementines and topped with bacon strips. A few bacon strips, not a big woven mass like that photo meme that’s been going around the internet the last couple weeks. (Please don’t repost that!). Smashed potatoes made the decadent way with cream cheese and sour cream. And butter. Dressing — pretty regular one — cooked separately from the turkey. Gravy that I made over the weekend and froze. Cranberry/orange sauce that I made over the weekend. Salad — a simple green one with leaf lettuce, cukes, and tomatoes. A couple mini desserts from Zingerman’s @Plum Market. No pomegranates to seed here [wink].

When I was young[er], I used to try to get all fancy on holidays. Maybe I was trying to replicate the Thanksgiving dinners I remember at my grandma’s house? Over the river and through the woods, or actually about eight blocks away through our Sault Ste. Siberia south side neighborhood. Ya know what? Life is too short. Over the years I have simplified and figured out a few little do-ahead tricks, et al. Am I still on my feet most of the day? Oh yeah. Simplifying the dinner makes room for other little complications to creep in, like Eggs Benny for breakfast (although Eggs Benny is a snap with these egg-poaching pods). Still, it’s all fun for me. I will also admit that it’s only my nuclear family this year and that cuts out a lot of the stress. If something isn’t perfect, nobody will care. Oh, Moooom, they’ll roll their eyes.

I won’t get all maudlin and list everything I have to be thankful for. What I am *not* particularly thankful for, at least lately, is my washing musheen. My fancy, expensive, relatively late model high-efficiency washing musheen. The one that keeps throwing errors at me. “H” “F” “H” “F” [repeat ad infinitum]. I do *not* have time for this. I think one load of laundry took something like three hours this morning with the GG babying it along. He thinks he can fix the dern thing. He has fixed washing musheens (and lots of other things) before and I am optimistic that he’ll fix this washing musheen. We’ll see how many times he fixes it before he throws in the towel and heads over to Big George.

Well, the sun is starting to sink and there is now a bit of a chill in the air. Happy Thanksgiving and don’t choke on any pomegranate seeds [wink]. Here is a little ditty to help you get into the spirit.

kayak woman

P. S. I posted the little gobbler ditty last year on Thanksgiving. Somehow, Mouse remembered it (I didn’t) and this morning, she sent the link out in a text message to various people, including me and the GG. She spent the night here last night and you *know* that, when the GG and I received the message, we both had to go stand outside her bedroom door and play it back to her!

2 Responses to ““I eat properly. Red meat and gin.” –Julia Child.”

  1. Jay Says:

    Our pomegranate is still in the refrigerator. Maybe for tomorrow. My focus is all on pumpkin soup.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like a very yummy Thanksgiving feast.