Nipigon Dreams

I am not sure if I have ever been to Lake Nipigon. I have been scanning some slides of the Lake Nipigon area. They are from 1955. Since I was alive in 1955, it is possible that I was on the trip but I’m gonna guess that if I *was* on the trip, there mighta been a few slides of, you know, meeeeee? But there aren’t. Actually, I have only come across one photo that has any people in it at all and it’s one tall skinny 30-something guy standing in the water in camping/fishing/outdoor-type clothing. I can’t see his face but he looks suspiciously like a Veteran Greenhorn. Grandroobly, perhaps? Or Lewie Read? Or maybe one o’ them thar Sherman boys. Henry’s boys. No babies anywhere. Not a one. I suspect this was a Veteran Greenhorn trip. No babies allowed. Oh well. I *have* been to Lake Nippissing. There was a pink toilet there. And a spider in the associated bathtub. Also pink. Er, the bathtub, not the spider. I remember these things. Actually, I remember the pink toilet. I think The Commander remembers the spider.

Of course, today’s photo has nothing to do with Lake Nipigon. It is from this morning when we were rolling along the I94 18-wheel Slogway, across the bottom of the Great Lake State, in the Ninja Vee-hickle. Not that it was a slog today. It was a beautiful drive. Light traffic, dry pavement, and the rising sun at our backs. My only regret is that I kept wanting to stop and capture some of the fall color that is creeping in. Freeway speeds are just to fast to do it justice, so y’all get this iPhone rear-view mirror thing instead. That’s a Whole Foods truck by the way. Seems like we always pass a Whole Foods truck when we travel over to kzoo on a Sunday morning.

Delivered the Ikea table Mouse picked out for her loverly little apartment. Breakfast at the Crow’s Nest. Auto parts store. Washed the windows on the Cute Little Blue Honda Civic and topped off its tank via the parental nickel. Took a walk in Mouse’s neighborhood, then futzed around with her persnickety internet connection for a while before leaving. Which brought out the old Mother BEAR instinct in me (this is more about me than you, Mouse). Rant about bad cable service deleted. Anyway, Mouse is Mouse and she’ll figger it out and I talked myself down off the ledge and drove home and promptly collapsed onto the couch with my electronical beastie. Whooompf! *Forced* myself to take my typical afternoon walk, ending up at Plum Market for some minor additions to tonight’s menu. I am so ready for cooler temperatures. 70 was too hot and dry for me today. Ike? Where are you when I need you? But that’s all just a minor little kvetch. And so. Back to work tomorrow. Have a great week, y’all!

Kayak Woman

P.S. Missed you guys *much* at Houghton Lake this weekend but needed at least *some* chores-and-errands type downtime here on the Planet A-squared. Yeek! Maybe I have too many, er, houses…

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  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Wonder if a “Whole Foods” truck will *ever* have a route up to plain Li’l Grand Blanc?