Back To School

Today is the first day of school and I have three classes, which will probably kill me. Two of them are on Monday, a morning class and a night class, and that will probably kill me too. Yes, that means I have to drive over to WCC twice on Mondays. And then a third class on Tuesday morning.

  • INP290 Web Design Practicum (Mondays, 9-12): project management and everything else under the sun, probably including the kitchen sink
  • INP275 Web Database (Mondays, 6-9): database theory, MySQL, ColdFusion, and I dunno what else but it’ll probably kill me
  • INP203 Designing User Experience II (Tuesdays, 9-12): *lots* of reading and writing and critical thinking and probably group projects too

Crazy? I dunno. After the last year, I need a big distraction and this will be one and I am excited. And now, when I go to classes, I have *friends* in them and even the people I don’t know become friends pretty quickly. It still feels like the more I learn, the more I don’t know, but I’m no longer afraid to speak up in class, like I was two years ago.

3 Responses to “Back To School”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Lessee, you have a class or two that’ll probably kill ya, I have a dog that’ll be the death of me. Wanna trade?? Hunh?

  2. froogy Says:

    grok grok. How ’bout ‘f I fly m’ good ol’ flyin’ machine up there ‘n’ pick up Gadget ‘n’ we’ll go see what we c’n get into at WCC. Frok Grok. Maybe they’ll git smart ‘n’ kick th’ ol’ witch outta school. grok grok grok.

  3. Mark Says:

    An apple for my pretty?