The panhandlers are to the right, outside the frame

I’m not even feeling the bah humbug yet this year. Is it because we haven’t had any snow? I mean snow to speak of. The snow I’ve encountered so far this season is more like what we might get in October or thereabouts. But we’ve had other Decembers like this. The year of Peter Pan at the Mendelssohn Theatre, for example. I think that would be 1998. Fog fog fog… The next year was Alice (in Wonderland, in case you were wondering) and that play was wracked with a vomiting virus. The *next* year? 2000? Merlin, with snow in spades! That was the year I couldn’t see doodly-squat outta the POC’s veeeendsheeeeld because zeeee vipers were hosed and when I went to the auto supply store to get new ones, they just laughed. 1996 Plymouth Voyager? We’re all out!

I am kind of cracking up that, at the moment, as I write this, facebook is not showing photoooos… One FB friend said something like, “Now that FB has ‘improved’ their photos, I can’t see any of them.” Although I *love* to see photos that my friends have actually *taken* (even if it’s what they’re having for lunch [wink]), I am not missing the billion reposted cat pictures or cute little platitude thingies or bacon bikinis or… I mean, jeebus, I have a *few* facebook friends that get on to facebook once or twice a day and post / share 20 cute random photooos in a row. Do not get me wrong. If you do that kind of thing occasionally, I am fine with it. I even enjoy some of those memes and occasionally I even feel like “liking” one. But there is that small fraction of people that make me wonder. I know that facebook will fix the current photo problem, in fact it’s probably already fixed. In the meantime, I’m kind of cracking up. Except that some people have posted *real* photos from their actual lives and I want to see those.

On another facebook note, I am watching with interest as some of my extreme right-wing conservative fb friends who are also *union* workers implode now that our wondrous Republican governor (aka @onetoughnerd) stands ready to sign some hastily packaged legislation that will turn the godforsaken Great Lake State into a right-to-work state. That “socialism” you guys are always railing about? Look up that word. *I* will admit that *I* probably need to look up that word too*… But I will ask these fb friends, “What the heck were you thinking?” and I hope that One Tough Nerd decides that more time is needed to think this through.

* I remember learning about various forms of government in high school but I was *always* bored by history and polly-ticks then. I spent my spare time working my way through a rigorous self-devised flute course using the Taffanel-Gaubert flute exercises, the Moyse tone development books, and whatever flute “virtuoso” repertoire I could manage to get my hot little hands on. Not as easy in those days as it is now.

One Response to “The panhandlers are to the right, outside the frame”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No snow? Us either and I’m hoping it stays that way. It’s ironic how so many people don’t understand the consequences of their beliefs or vote–WHAT, it might impact my job and livelihood? I’m glad to say that I mainly post real photos of my family and life. Boring, eh?