Things I did not fling…

…although I reeeaalllly reeeeaalllly wanted to…

A bunch of old crumbling reel-to-reel tapes (remember those?). I did fling the *box* they were in, which was a disintegrating old Heineken box with rodent crap (what else?) in it. And then I almost got in “trouble” for flinging it because the GG thought the tapes were in…

Bob’s Bullshit Box. An old PBR case, probably from Campus Corners or whatever it was at Moo-U with almost nothing in it except rodent crap (what else?). Truth: I had been eyeballing BBB for flinging but decided to postpone it because breaking up that particular box would’ve been the mother of all box deconstructing battles. I didn’t notice Bob’s Bullshit Box written on it… … … I vacuumed everything questionable out of it and then, wouldn’tcha know, I was told that we could *never* get rid of that box. Nein! (Want it Bob?)

The mannequin.

A ratty old fox fur wrap thingy that once belonged to the GG’s Grandma O. I don’t know if there is rodent crap in the bag. I’m afraid to stick my hand in there. I am not all that squeamish but I keep fergitting what’s in that bag and every time I look in there and see old dead fox faces looking out at me, I jump a foot or two. I was kinda hoping that somehow Radical Betty’s old fox fur wrap thingy had ended up here ’cause then I could probably have gotten flinging permission, or at least shipped it off [wink]. Nein! Must save forever! (But Veeeeeelhelm!!!)

The loverly old ’92-vintage MacBook laptop. Actually, I’ve made my peace with that thing, since it *works*. Well, that is, it works about as well as it ever did. Missing in action? The talking moose.

The mannequin.

A box rather haphazardly (and half-filled) with old seashells and probably, oh, you know… Again, I didn’t investigate very thoroughly. Now seashells are very cool in a way. When I was a kid, my great-aunt Elizabeth used to go Florida in the winter and once she brought me back a very carefully labeled seashell collection. I’m sure she bought it at a store somewhere down there but I sure the heck didn’t care. The shells were beautiful and I loved it and it remained one of my prized possessions for many years. But what’s the point of keeping something like that forever? My collection eventually faded and began to disintegrate and I don’t even remember when I pitched it.

A dot matrix printer… … … I *think* there is an old typewriter down there too but I haven’t opened up the bag I think it’s in. Anyway, I would be less likely to get rid of an old typewriter than an old printer.

The mannequin.

We’re keeping the mannequin (and all that other crap — except for the rodent crap). Apparently, the mannequin belongs in the Freakout Chamber. I always thought that the Freakout Chamber was limited to that little room beyond the beaded curtains but apparently it extends into the Yellow Shag Carpet room too… … … And that is more than okay with me… … …

Gotta go. My [getting to be] fave Iris Dement[ed] is on PHC! (The Commander would be mortified that I actually like Iris and one or two (or three (or four (or…))) other country music singers. It’s okay Moom… … … Love you anyway.)

5 Responses to “Things I did not fling…”

  1. UU Says:

    The BBB was from grade school. I found it on Vinsetta Blvd. on top of a giant Lilac bush. I used it for years as a suitcase for weekend trips to Houghton Lake.

  2. UU Says:

    PBR box I should say.

  3. Margaret Says:

    That mannequin is a LITTLE creepy. Reel to reel? I do remember those. We have tons of VHS tapes that I need to trash. My husband could only tape onto those; we never figured out how to tape onto a DVD.

  4. Pooh Says:


    There are services that will copy VHS onto digital media. If there is content you’d like to save on the VHS tapes, that might be the way to go.

  5. Paulette Says:

    OMG Beaded curtains, dot-matrix printers….I love it!