I lied…

Remember that rant last week about the elf-on-the-shelf? Well, guess what I [re]discovered in our own rather motley ornament collection? I’m not sure when it showed up but it’s been around a while. I am gonna guess it came from The Commander. She would’ve thought it was cute. I do not but whatever. I swear I did not know about the story and never used it to blackmail the beach urchins into good behavior. Anyway, *my* elf has its own mouse!

My BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog) uses an elf-on-the-shelf as her xmas tree topper. We use various tree toppers. I don’t think we have ever used the elf but I won’t say that out loud because, who knows, I might be lying again.

When I was a kid in Sault Ste. Siberia, my great-aunt Elizabeth gave us a beautiful angel to put at the top of the tree. We would put a xmas light inside her and it made her glow right down to the tip of her wand. Wand? Hmmm… Something like that. I *think* we still have her somewhere. I’ll have to find her. I loved her! Although I am a skeptical life-long agnostic, I grew up going to Sunday School and church and I loved the music and the pageantry surrounding the Christmas Eve service. It ended with the whole congregation holding candles and singing Silent Night. Magical. And then we would trundle off through the snow. Home for hot chocolate and cookies and one xmas eve gift to open. It was the Yooperland and all of our Christmases were white back in those days.

It is white here on The Planet Ann Arbor this evening. When I made my early morning pilgrimage to the Plum Market, the cashier asked me if my shopping was done. I told her I had no idea. And I didn’t. I have packages for the beach urchins but I would be hard-pressed to remember what is in most of them. Stuff they asked for, mostly. I know that I don’t have an equal number of packages for each and I am sure I haven’t spent the same amount of money on them. It doesn’t matter. If someone needs something, I will buy it for them. I don’t want to buy stuff that nobody needs or wants just to make the number of packages equal. We are *all* flinging. I have almost *nothing* for the GG. He says that’s okay, we just bought a stove Gertrude. If anyone feels slighted, they can “shop” the Landfill Dungeon if they want. [Some of] my old [costume] jewelry and record albums from my youth are up for grabs. If no one wants them, they will be donated. [grin]

I also told that cashier that I would very likely be back at the Plum and guess what? I was! (I also went to Whole Foods but that was partly because the GG wanted to go to REI, which is next door to Whole Foods and I didn’t want to hang out in REI f-o-r-e-v-e-r.) Lizard Breath (who made it here from megalopolis before it started snowing so her mooma duck didn’t have to worry about her driving our congested freeways with all the yay-hoos) and I walked over to the Plum in the afternoon and bought two six-packs of beer, lotion, and a small ginger root. Necessities, don’tcha know…

Waiting for our Mouse, who works today and then heads home to get stuff before coming here. I hope that includes decent coffee and all of its accoutrements. But if not? What the heck, we could just drink mimosas.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,

P. S. Mouse is here! With packages, laundry and and and coffee stuff!

3 Responses to “I lied…”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Merry Christmas to you all! We are enjoying the many inches of snow and the huge drifts! A story. Two deer (a doe and fawn) were eating the sunflower seeds from the hanging bird feeders. Suddenly the fawn was turning around to run toward Chickadee and attempted to barrel over a large drift. Not to be. Its tummy became stuck in the drift and it flailed its legs until mom came to help. Off it went, with a mighty lesson learned. A magical night! Merry merry!

  2. Sam Says:

    Happy Merry! To all!

  3. Margaret Says:

    THE ELF!! OMG, we saw boxes of them at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica. I was revolted. 😉 Glad that your whole fam is together with coffee(extremely important) and mimosas.