Well, today turned out to be a good day to work from home

Everyone here at The Landfill was scheduled to work today. I didn’t really have a choice, seeing as I “squandered” all of my vacation time this year and have very few paid time hours off left and I am not even gonna try to mess around with LWOP because it just isn’t easily do-able. As luck would have it, we need to update our user guides and, as boring a prodject as that is, somebody has to do it and it’s been a couple years since *I* have been that person. In a way, because it is busy work, it is a perfect little prodject to do on days when the last thing you want to do is use your brain. As a bonus, I actually *did* have to use my brain today. As a bonus to *that* bonus, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my brain *worked* today and that it was enjoyable to have to use it. Yay me!

My brain doesn’t always work after xmas. Seriously, there have been years when I didn’t recover from Christmas for a couple weeks. I mean, my body did what it always does, which includes walking three miles a day at a minimum and preferably more. Psychologically, I would be blotto, sitting on the Green Couch or somewhere trying to figure out where to “start”. This year, I have been kind of tapping my foot waiting for xmas to be over so I can *continue* my flinging prodjects. Let’s get on with this…

Fortunately, I had let everyone at work know that I may (or may not) work from home part or all of this week. And that is what I did today. Which was a good thing because I am not sure how many inches of snow we have out there now but I doubt that the Ninja will be going anywhere (performance taaaaarrrrs) until The Planet Ann Arbor gets around to sending out a snowplow. Or two. Also, I got a whole heckuva lot done. I am sure that my cube farm was mostly empty today and I suspect that I would not have been able to concentrate if I had been there. Here at The Landfill, there were people and dogs walking by, beach urchins to interact with, a couple loads of laundry to process, etc., etc. Multi-tasking served me well. I suspect I got more done than I would have if I had gone over to my cube. My eight mile commute would likely have taken an hour or more today. So much for productivity… (I mean personal productivity, which is important to corporate productivity…). I actually like to work in my cube most of the time but I greatly appreciate the fact that I can work from home when there’s some good reason to do so.

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