This is a no panic zone!

Sorry about that. I mean yesterday. Can you believe that when I got home from work yesterday, I couldn’t think of *anything* to write about? A letter from National City started it out and I got rolling into just about the biggest bunch of blather you’ve ever read. Er, maybe you were smart enough to not read it. And then somebody blew through the living room clinking ice cubes when nobody but me was here and I was in the kitchen, aka Moom was *not* in the living room. And Grandroobly was *not* in the bathroom but that’s a whole nother story.

Seriously folks, I don’t know if National City will go down in the latest financial debacle. I actually think there is an outside chance it won’t. It is not primarily an investment bank and although I know it has been feeding at the same trough as the rest of the sub-prime swine, a lot of people have small-time deposits there. Like us. It is our main bank but we don’t have a whole heckuva lot of money in there. Checking and small-time savings stuff. So, I am not going to panic.

I am no economist. The last time I met a derivative was in calculus back in the Jurassic Age and I think that particular derivative was a different critter. If you want coherent information about the bailout, go elsewhere. You’re mostly gonna get a bunch of incoherent blather outta me here. I have, however, been alive long enough to know that this isn’t the first economic crisis we’ve ever had. Remember how low the stock market fell after 911? And there was the whole Enron (say what?) thing. And the savings and loan debacle. What were they thinking? Why weren’t we paying attention? I am sick and tired of having a bunch of incompetent you-know-whats feeding at the trough. Sub-prime mortgages? Junk bonds? Run ’em outta town. Send ’em to Gitmo. Send a few politicians off with ’em. Don’t look at the stock index or your 401K for a while. Heck, buy a few stocks. Be prudent about it. And let’s get on with it. Presidential election? It’s already pretty interesting and this just adds to that.

P.S. Somebody really did clink ice cubes in my house last night. I’m sure it was Grandroobly. I think he was toasting me! Skoal! Y’all probably think I’m nuts. I don’t care. I’m convinced that Grandroobly and the Engineer do make contact at times. Deal with it.

3 Responses to “This is a no panic zone!”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    It is strange when you get that feeling that someone is visiting you from the great beyond. It used to be scary, but now I find it comforting.

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    Yeah – just go with it. My “visits” come in the form of [I swear] “channeling” the Engineer. Those times I do something “totally Jim”, like I HAVE TO WASH AND VACUUM AND POLISH THE CAR! or wax eloquently about the state of The Indefatigable 😉 (love you, GG, REALLY! It’s JIM’S doing when I poke at you about that poor-poor Jeep!!). The Girlz have dreams about him – various scenarios, some comforting, some freaky. And we *know* he’s still pulling pranks….

  3. fran Says:

    I still know jack is sitting in the living room until I look up and he isn’t there. But often someone pokes me in the shoulder or says something -brief- when I least expect it. ( sort of comforting)………..