I don’t have a whole lot of positive stuff to say about today except that they did eventually find my debit card down at the OT tonight and I still love the OT and the waitresses there. In general, I think that working as a waitress between xmas and New Year’s probably sucks even if you have a decent employer. Me? I went over to my loverly old dog-poopy cube today and was greeted with, “look at what the cat dragged in” as I passed the LSCHP’s office (aka my [decent] employer). I actually think that the LSCHP would’ve preferred to be there totally alone this week and my presence was no doubt cramping his style. As it was, he came by around noon and said, “Oh by the way, you can leave at 3.” And I did, although I had enough work to do to keep me busy all weekend and beyond and coming home meant that I had to share space with the GG for an hour or so when I really wanted to be alone. At any rate, if I had been forced to wait on people to earn my pay today, I think I might’ve killed somebody. (Of course, I am not serious about that so don’t anyone get their underwear in a bunch!)

I am now faced with an actual four-day weekend. A four-day weekend that I can do pretty much whatever I damn well please. I do not have to make a rocket trip to the yooperland and I am not even going to Houghton Lake although that might’ve been fun. I do not have a bunch of parties to go, as fun as those are. I do not have a whole bunch of holiday cooking to do. I can fling to my heart’s content if I want to. Or not. I can hike all over the Planet Ann Arbor in my YakTrax. I can sit around and read if I want to. What a novel idea! Or watch Downton Abbey? I don’t know what I’ll end up doing except that it’ll be whatever I damn well please. Alas, I know myself well enough to know that if all I do is sit around and read or watch Downton Abbey or whatever, I will go stir crazy from not doing anything “constructive” or “productive” or whatever. I think I need to relax. Do I know how to relax any more? I do not know. Wish me luck.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Blarg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t really know how to relax either, except that with the girls around and all their mess, I just have to sit around and read. I can barely get through the family room without tripping. Not my style at all, but I’m dealing with it. Downton Abbey is a very distracting show!

  2. Jay Says:

    Sounds like an excellent time for a movie/show marathon, punctuated by food and short blast walks.