This morning, after my usual 0-skunk-30 walk and a wee sausage / egg breakfast, I was feeling a bit cabin feverish. What did I want to do today? I couldn’t think of a flinging mission to embark on. The shopping mood I had yesterday but didn’t act on had vanished. Yes, shopping. I don’t know where it came from either. I can’t buy another new stove because I already have Gertrude… What I really wanted to do was take a drive along the river and out into the county. And so we did. And somehow we must’ve been of two minds for once* because we were heading west on North Territorial and the GG pulled into the Park Lyndon County Park and that’s how we came to be standing on the shores of Lake Genevieve looking at the kame across the way. Yes. Park Lyndon had also been on my mind.

What the heck is a kame? Well, I had never heard of a kame before but it is a glacial formation. Much of the terrain in this area was formed by glaciers and Park Lyndon is full of hills (and kames and things). I am not going to use my blahg to provide a lesson on what a kame is, although I have posted a photooo of the sign that explained what a kame is. Y’all can look it up if you’re interested. What the heck did we do before iPhones anyway? I often encounter informational signs like this when I’m out hiking and I always dutifully read them and promptly forget everything I’ve read. With the iPhone, I can take a picture and refer back to it as I need to.

Our “hike” at Park Lyndon today was only a mile or so. We weren’t really prepared for a longer hike. There are steep ups and downs on some of the trails and in the snow, they were slippery for folks without their YakTraks. I had my YakTraks on but my feet were cold! I wasn’t wearing any socks over my tights and that’s okay in cold, dry weather but snow made its way into my boots today and I was wishing I had layered a pair of SmartWool socks over my tights.

I was feeling nostalgic about Park Lyndon. We used to hike there sometimes with the beach urchins when they were small. I can’t exactly remember when Park Lyndon dropped off our radar screen. I guess it happened when we all got busier… I am also probably remembering our hikes there with the proverbial rose-colored glasses, thinking about my loverly little children scampering around with wild abandon, collecting stuff and peppering us with questions, yada yada. More likely, not everyone was with the program. You know how that goes. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. How long do we have to hike? I’m cold. My feet hurt. My shoe is falling apart. I can’t find my mouse. Etc., etc., ad nauseam. But still.

It’s not quite the new year yet but I do have one resolution. I am gonna visit (and hike if I can) every single nature preserve in Washtenaw County. We have a lot of them. Another sign [that I took a picture of] clued me into that fact and from there I hit the web and… I’ve visited / hiked some of them already. I’m going to get to the rest of them this year. I am not big on new year’s resolutions and rarely make any (except maybe to clean out the damn refrigerator) but I think this is a good one, don’t you?

*Usually the only person the GG is of two minds with is his identical twin.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great resolution! Wonderful exercise too.