Hike. Fling. Read.

We actually went *out* for New Year’s Eve. We went to our fave Old Town Barooom, aka the Oscar Tango. We got there before the New Year’s rush started and got the catbird seat where we could watch all of the goings on on Liberty, including these folks having a ciggie… We hit up the Grizzly Peak Brewery on the way home. I didn’t expect a decent ‘hattan at a brewpub but these ‘hattans rivaled Knight’s. We walked home after that and I don’t think either of us actually saw the ball drop.

Today? Man oh man, I chilled out in a major way. The usual amount of hiking aka my 0-skunk-30 walk plus a trip over to the Plum. I thought about dragging the GG out for some hiking somewhere but football was on TV and New Years’ Day is one of the few times I like to “watch” football, or at least have it on as ambient noise. But I do plan for some hiking expotitions in the new year. Flinging? Nothing today … That was okay. I needed to take a break. But I will continue. Read. Most of the latest New Yorker and worked on a book that’s been hanging out on my phone. My goal this year is to focus more on SSR (siddown, shaddup, and read).

This New Year’s Day has been much better than last year’s was when I had a very surreal phone answering experience in the Houghton Lake bathroom at 0-skunk-30. I miss my mother but I don’t miss those phone calls.

One Response to “Hike. Fling. Read.”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I like your version of SSR better than the official, ‘silent, sustained reading’. 😉