Way down upon the swanny river

This was the first morning in a couple weeks that I was able to take my usual 0-skunk-30 walk without the encumbrance of my beloved YakTrax. I *do* love my YakTrax but it was a relief not to need them today. The GG complains that I regard YakTrax as a “consumable”. That means he thinks I spend too much money on them. But they *are* a consumable. They wear out. I won’t even try to describe how, it’s too long. I go through a couple pairs a winter. At $30 a pair, I think that’s much cheaper than a concussion. Brains are not consumables. I can afford to buy any number of YakTrax. I cannot buy a new brain.

I liberated another of my loverly old red cafeteria trays today! It was being used to store knick-knacks down in the dungeon. I fergit how many of those trays I started out with (I bought them at Gordon Foods) but for a while there, I was down to about two. We use them here to eat dinner on in the back room (because we are too lazy to eat at the loverly teak dining table most of the time) but it was The Commander who first began acquiring red cafeteria trays up at the moomincabin. We used them to serve “mocha” and special breakfasts to “turtling” little beach urchins on the moomincabin couch on cold mornings. We used them to serve lunches to beach urchins out in the Little Princess trailer. We took them on trips to Clyde’s Drive In. At a certain point, Lizard Breath would take orders in the POC on the way there so we were ready to just read off our order when we got there. Most people already knew what they wanted anyway. Clyde’s is the best and greasiest burger joint on earth. And if you have kids, you can take them over to Goose Poop Park to play after you eat. Just watch out for the seagulls!

I was annoyed by parts of my work today. I won’t go into detail about that (it was what it was) except that I went to a spec review where I expected to have trouble staying awake, meaning not nodding off and falling out of my chair. Instead it turned into a melee (a veddy veddy polite one as always) but I had to wake up and try to figure out how to talk people down off the ledge. I was not all that successful. Why did I not take my laptop to that meeting like I usually do? But I will keep going via “relentless positive action”. It can work in the corporate world (except when it doesn’t). I don’t think it works in government…

I don’t even try to be a “bird paparazzi”, like my fellow blahgger The Marquis. But this guy (gal?) was just hanging out next to the river bank and even as I futzed around with my iPhone camera, he didn’t move. I also kind of liked all of the vegetation and reflections.

One Response to “Way down upon the swanny river”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Nice shot KW and thanks for the log roll! That’s an immature Trumpeter swan. The darkness around the head and neck indicates this. I’ve recently posted a similar photo in a very similar situation, one lone young swan poking about the shoreline.