Blasts from the past

I can’t even fathom how many years I have had a birch bark basket sitting on the Ugliest End Table On Earth, which sits next to the Green Couch. That basket contained the most random collection of photoooos on earth. Organized in a, well, actually not organized at all! It was a dumping ground and not one that I can even begin to describe without writing about 50,000 words. I wish I had taken a picture of the basket before I began sorting them this afternoon. At least then you could get an idea of the magnitude of the job. Think shoebox. And a shoebox can hold a heckuva lot of photos. So… Sort and re-sort. And re-sort. And re-sort. And re-sort. I am not done yet but here are a smattering of what I’ll call the “outtakes”… All of the photos in this post were taken with film cameras, some of them by the cute little disc camera we bought on our honeymoon in the Canadian maritime provinces. Then there are the boxes and boxes and boxes of photos in the Landfill Dungeon and some albums that we’ve actually put together because we used to do that but it’s all over now… Anyway…

First, none other than the GG and yer fav-o-rite blahgger AAANNNNDDD [drum roll] “Daddy’s Little Blue Car” aka the GG’s 1980 Ford Fiesta. We are standing in front of the C fam’s old house on Woodsboro Drive in Royal Joke, just a few blocks away from the Shrine of the Silver Dollar Little Flower, where the GG went to grade school and re-confiscated things the nuns stole from him, or so he says. He can rebut my possibly fractured version of his childhood escapades if he wants to [wink]. I loved that down coat when I bought it and I was so nervous about spending that much money… Down coats were kind of fashionable at the time… I would *never* buy a thing like that nowadays. I am the goddess of layering… Who was I then?

I almost didn’t give this next photo a second look. Okay, it’s Liz sitting in a duct tape chair next to a bear and making a weird face. Then I remembered, oh yeah, the Landfill Dungeon used to sprout duct tape chairs! For quite a few years when we were new home-owners, it seemed like we’d manage to get rid of an old duct tape chair and two more would magically appear. That was before the days when duct tape was a cool art supply… We still have that stereo thingy. At least the case. I *think* that many of the components have been replaced but I have long stopped keeping track of that. I remember when we bought that stereo and how nervous I was about spending that much money…

Here we are at the *old* Houghton Lake Group Home, before it was rebuilt. Lizard Breath is on the right and a teensy bit of the newborn baby Mouse’s head down below Liz. And Donny and Doug and the *beautiful* grandma Sally, who died way too young. Note that there is *one* computer there – our MacPlus or whatever it was. Nowadays, the New Group Home is filled with computers: laptops and iPads and smartphones. I remember when we bought that MacPlus and how nervous I was about spending that much money.

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    That was shorter to type than “oldducttapechairs”. [wink]

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    How about “OLD STUFF AND YOUNG LIZ”?