Now, where was I? In the dungeon. Where else would I be?

Well, first of all, a little disclaimer. I guess have already declared my political colors for this particular election but I didn’t post that video link yesterday to try to disparage the Republican vice presidential candidate. Not exactly, anyway. How well someone plays the flute has no more bearing on whether they will make a good president than, say, whether they run five miles a day or collect stamps or eat a vegan diet or whatever. Or any other of about a billion trillion gazillion habits and personality traits. One of the things that struck me about the video was that despite the poor quality of the playing (and, yes, it was pretty bad) she managed to smile and act confident throughout the performance. I think those are qualities that can serve politicians well. At least help them get elected. Beyond that, well. I dunno. I guess I better shut up.

Because, here I am, once again headed toward the kind of household conditions that might someday get me featured on Children of Hoarders. Click if you dare and, if you do, scroll down a bit and check out the videos. *Most* of the upstairs of my house is not too terribly bad. I clean the Blue and Only Bathroom every day, or probably 350 out of 365 days. My ugly little kitchen is pretty cluttered but I know where everything is and the cooking and food prep areas are pretty immaculate. Living rooms? I have two of those. I hate the name “family room” for whatever weird reason, so the Aaaaa-dition on the back is called “the back room” and the living room that you stumble into when you open the front door is “the front room”. They are *fairly* uncluttered but in desperate need of dusting. I noticed that as I was hanging up my orange LED Halloween lights today.

And then. Dun dun dun. There is the basement dungeon. For 24 years, the dungeon has been the catchall for anything that didn’t “fit” upstairs. Old, moldy papers from the 1970s and before. Old, dead computer equipment. Lucky-shuckial gear. Camping stuff. Old toys and games and [sigh] stuffed aminals and baby clothes. My fabric stash. Heck there is even stuff that was here when we MOVED IN. 24 YEARS AGO!!! YES. That was a long time ago. This is stuff that we have NEVER used. It wasn’t ours to start with and we have NEVER used it. Did I say that already? It was bad enough before Ike rolled through. He was a lotta fun to take hikes with but then he peed all over my basement and now all of our crap is all over the place. It looks kind of like some of those videos on Children of Hoarders. Maybe I’ll get brave and post my own video this weekend but don’t hold your breath.

I am done. I don’t know exactly what my strategy is yet. I do NOT want to spend every weekend I am home here on the Planet for the next year going hucklety-buck slogging it out. I am thinking. I WILL figger it out. It is STRESSFUL living with a bunch of crap and I feel like if I don’t address it NOW, someday (and it will be YEARS from now), my “babies” will have to be the ones to sort it all out. I don’t want that.

Sayonara, over and out,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Now, where was I? In the dungeon. Where else would I be?”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    that’s exactly how i feel about my house and all the CRAP that’s in it. the basement/dungeon has me completely baffled and intimidated…. and embarrassed. Ike helped somewhat by forcing my hand regarding removing the carpet I’ve wanted out of there “forever”.

    Now, I have to try to meet up with the previous owner and find out if he really *did* have drain tile put in… where it is… and where is the “cleanout”???