It’s my blahg and I can kvetch if I want to

So, lemme see. Got to work and wondered why my supervisor’s vee-hickle was not in the parking lot. The email said that she was dealing with a horrible sore throat et al, and wouldn’t be in. I am very glad she didn’t come to work because I do not wanna get whatever virus that is. I have not been sick in I cannot fathom how many years. There was a Christmas when I got a horribilus vomiting thing but that was a few years ago. I have not had a respiratory virus in a while.

Received a nasty-gram from the corporate bots five minutes before I left today that I hadn’t completed security training and needed to do it IMMEDIATELY. My “case” had been forwarded to upper-level management and yada yada… Yiiy… First, I think I did that training in August but I doubt that I can find proof of that. Second, usually when an employee (meeeee) is scheduled for on-line training, they get umpteen million email reminders. Third… Okay, I was ready to go home. The Rule Follower in me collided with the Straight-A Student. I could probably have completed the “training” in five minutes but I may not have managed to pass the test with 100%. Sigh. Straight-A student won the battle here. I will do the training first thing in the morning, so I can pass with 100%. I hope that’s good enough.

There’s other stuff but it is so trivial that you do not even wanna know. Oh, except that the blasted light above the chitchen sink flickered a few times and then kind of fizzled out. It’s one of those CFL coil-ly type bulbs that are supposed to last forever. I do not think they are all they are cracked up to be. We are using them for now but I am eagerly awaiting affordable LED lighting and I am actually revisioning my landfill chitchen window as something different. It may hold some plants, assuming I don’t kill them and there will be some pendant lamps hanging down there…

Love y’all. Who is going to Houghton Lake this weekend?

3 Responses to “It’s my blahg and I can kvetch if I want to”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like our teacher on-line trainings. They don’t mean much, but I HATE missing an answer! (some of the questions are very poorly worded in my opinion) Those coily lights don’t last any longer than a regular bulb around here!

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Good luck on your training. Celebrating Gabe’s Birthday (4 years) on Saturday and hopefully a belated celebration for Nathe (12 years) at the party for Gabe. We can’t go to the lake. Went to Gaylord to celebrate Gay’s Birthday (29 years) this past weekend and had a marvelous time. Missed celebrating Jackie’s Birthday (also 29 years) because she was celebrating in Saginaw with a friend of hers. If you decide to stay in town, you can stop by Gabe’s place and we will include you (29 years) in the celebration! Party Hats will be worn! So many January Birthdays. Happy Birthday to all!

  3. Sam Says:

    Sometime I will make it to HL, but not in the near futureā€¦if that’s an invite! Happy almost!