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I live under a rock when it comes to sports. I like to watch downhill skiing and ski jumping in the winter Olympics, that is about it. But even us under-rock worms cannot escape this stoooooopid Manti Te’o “catfish” thing. Seriously, WHO THE HECK CARES??? He is a college football player, fer kee-reist! If anything, the tragedy in this whole thing is that so many people idolize team sports “heroes”. They are not heroes at all. They are just people with a particular skill and / or talent. A *kid* in this particular case. An obviously confused kid. Why is this news? Oh, maybe because nobody shot up a school this week… People, get a blasted life!

Disclaimer: I do not hate football (or any other team sport). I loved going to high school and U of M football games as a kid, I love the ambience of football Saturdays here on The Planet. I love the ambience of football games on TV on New Year’s Day, etc. I love when the GG goes to a Lions game (yes, really) and texts me photos of him and his brothers from the stadium. But…

Godspeed Dear Abby. When I was a beach urchin, our little Sault Evening Snooze newspaper published her sister’s advice column, Ann Landers. I was an avid reader of Ann Landers from an early age. I always sorta felt like I had to sneak to read it because I had this vague feeling that The Commander didn’t approve, although I can’t remember her ever saying anything to indicate that and she certainly encouraged reading. Still. She did vociferously disapprove of soap operas, which of course made me fascinated by them, which probably led to my addiction to Dallas (who shot JR?), at least for the first couple years. (As a baby, Lizard Breath had a Fisher Price Little People guy with a cowboy hat that she called “JR”.) Anyway, looking back, I think I actually learned a lot about life from those old Ann Landers columns. Her advice wasn’t always perfect but when people called her out, she took her wet-noodle lashes well. I miss those gals and I only rarely tune in to today’s advice columns.

I think we have found a new go-to restaurant in downtown Planet Ann Arbor. The Grizzly Peak is a brew-pub and I always associate brew-pubs with, yaknow, beer. Which I like occasionally and in particular situations. We discovered on New Year’s Eve (*early* on New Year’s Eve before the partying got going downtown) that they do an admirable job with cocktails too. Those “crazy hipster kids” [wink] are emulating their grandparents’ generation by embracing martinis and manhattans, etc. The Grizzly Peak brew-pup brew-pub is catering to those “crazy hipster kids” and while it offers good beer, you can also get decent whine and cocktails. And the food was wonderful too!

I wonder if it’s possible to reserve the Moose Table! We will still be regulars at the Oscar Tango!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I haven’t heard much about that college football situation; I must be living under a rock! I have been hearing way too much about Lance Armstrong though. When I mentioned on FB quite a while ago that I believed that he’d been doping, I got ATTACKED. So…I’m feeling vindicated. Glad about the new restaurant. My friends and I have found a good German restaurant in the area too. The beer and food are yummy.