Hoping the GG will change his fb profile pic to this…

ggprofileAbout halfway through the day, I decided [finally] to give in to my lethargic tendencies this weekend. You might not think of someone who spent a good amount of time galumphing around the city on foot as lethargic, right? Wrong. That is about *all* I have done other than the bare minimum of chores and errands. Except be grumpy and cranky and lethargic. And no I am not sick! I seem to be impervious to whatever strains of flu, rhinovirus and gastrointestinal bugs are going around this year. Knock on wood! Actually this relates to one of the things I am grumpy about — I am sick to death of people saying, “I had the flu”, when what they had was a 24-hour vomiting virus. That’s not the flu.

I am sick to death of people who get on facebook and post 25 photo memes in a row. Pictures of cute animals and photoshopped-beyond-reality landscapes and bacon bikinis, without or without cute (or snarky (or religious)) sayings plastered all over them. I don’t mind a meme or even two or three here and there but 25? In a row? Also, if you *must* post a photo meme with cute / snarky / religious saying plastered all over it, at least make sure the SPELLING IS CORRECT! I finally hid that person from my timeline (nice enough person, just clueless, it seems (if you are reading this, it isn’t you)). Hope she’s having fun in detention with all the Bubble Witch Saga and Farmville folks.

I am sick to death of people who post polly-tickal stuff on facebook without FACT-CHECKING it first! The most egregious post of the day was a map showing all the states in which the number of people on welfare is more than the number of people gainfully employed — “America’s Death Spiral”. I know we have some serious problems in this country but that sounded really fishy to me. What Snopes had to say about that was that the count of people on “welfare” included government employees. I don’t think working at least 40 hours a week for a government agency is the equivalent of being on welfare. The government workers that I know are busy fueling the economy with their paychecks and as are just as good (or bad (or ugly)) citizens as anyone in the private sector. I didn’t hide the folks who posted that monstrosity. I don’t agree with their polly-ticks but they are good people who also post *real* stuff about their lives, etc., which is what I like to read about on facebook. Not that I necessarily need all the gory details or anything, just like to keep up.

Good stuff? Okay, KW, dredge up something good… Okay. The little things. Like being in the Plum Market, not remembering if there is parmesan cheese in the refrigerator, and being able to TEXT the GG to ask!

An “amaryllis care” email from Mouse. I will do my best but it would probably be good for Mouse to pay an occasional visit to make sure.

A long phone conversation (yes, really, I was on the phone!) with a friend who used to live within bacon-driving distance until she moved out of state.

And here’s one for the beach urchins! We were sitting next to a Western Michigan University professor last night at dinner. Of course we mentioned that our girls graduated from K, the small college “next door” to WMU. Professor: “Oh, then they can probably read and write better than my students!” I can’t make any comparisons but yes, they do read and write well. But, as wonderful a college as K is (and it *is*), they were good at that stuff well before they got to college. I attribute that to spending a lot of time *reading* throughout their lives, *acting* with a top-notch youth theatre guild (Shakespeare anyone?), and growing up within that proverbial “village” that it takes. You know the one. And that village included some fantastic *teachers*, who I definitely do not want to forget, especially since everybody and his fourth cousin twice removed seems to be out to get teachers these days. But I am supposed to be writing about a “good” thing, so I won’t go there.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m getting sick of FB period, but the lack of fact checking is definitely one of my MAJOR pet peeves. I think I ranted about it earlier in January! Thanks for not being out to get us; if we would get decent “raw material” from home, most teachers could do a pretty decent job. (not all, but most) However, we are now expected to do it all–parent, counsel, problem solve, enable, etc. Teaching, what teaching?