Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah La la how the life goes on

fogBrah? Is that what they actually bleat out in that song? I just randomly googled lyrics. Kinda reminds me of when kids graffitied (or maybe it was just a sign) something like “the braw law” over at Forsythe when the MYA alternative school parents were all up in arms about “stuff”. Another post someday. Or not…It actually is not one of my favorite Beatle songs.

Today… For the first time since I dunno when, my iPhone actually proclaimed lightning in the vicinity when I woke up this morning (after weird weird dreams involving the UU driving me to work from some unfamiliar location after sleeping in until 11 AM!). The lightning was 9 miles away. I considered whether or not to walk. By the time I got outta the shower, etc., the lightning alert had gone away and so I put my boots on (but not my yaktrax) and started walking. It was great walking, wet streets and sidewalks. Until it wasn’t great. Very very slippery ice all over the place on some streets and sidewalks. I can’t explain it. Navigating that stuff in daylight would’ve been okay but not in the dark. I bagged my walk about halfway through.

Foggy *all* day with rain on and off and a bit of thunder about mid-afternoon. Life slid sharply downhill just after 3:30 this afternoon when my work laptop crashed and then crashed again and I couldn’t resuscitate it… My first-tier support guy tried but we didn’t get anywhere and so now I am waiting for a call from the second-tier. I was on the phone with the kid when the LSCHP walked by and I sorta vaguely heard (thru the fog of my phone call) my colleagues telling him, “she’s on the phone with support, her computer crashed”. I heard him boom out, “I hope she’s backing up her files.” Well. Yes and no… This laptop is less than two years old and I haven’t named it yet but I think I will name it after my loverly old 1996 Island Teal minivan, aka the POC. Because this is the second time I have had a catastrophic problem with it. I hope I don’t have to send it somewhere this time. Alas, if I do not have my computer, I cannot work. This afternoon I was literally sitting there trying to finish old NYT xword puzzles on my iPhone waiting for my old fashioned POTS phone to ring. It didn’t. I left for the day. We need to have viable computers at work…

But, y’know, this’ll get figured out. Life will be a frickin’ pain for the next day or so but it will go on. If I really can’t do any work for a day or so here, I could trade tomorrow off for a weekend day. It sucks but it is a first-world, 21st century problem and, slacker that I am, I have a good job, one that I am still pinching myself about and I can deal with it.

Oh man, we just had lightning and thunder. Flashy lightning and long, beautiful, rumbly thunder. I love hearing thunder in January.

2 Responses to “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah La la how the life goes on”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Computers are wonderful and terrible. When they work, life is great, when they don’t, work(even for me) can grind to a standstill. HATE HATE HATE ICE! (was that clear enough for you?) 😉

  2. UU Says:

    Brah is an Irish term for forever. …life goes on brah…

    As in “Erin go brah” (Ireland forever)

    I remember this from high school.