From a proud member of the Insanity Department

dashboardI was a little late to work this morning. I had an errand on the way and then the roads were a bit slodgy and I had the Ninja, which prefers nice dry pavement, thank you very much. I was greeted by my loverly co-worker Louie Louiii, who had a perfectly reasonable question that I unfortunately had to answer with a bunch of gibberish. He was asking about one of the many little areas of our product that has “grown organically” over the years and nobody exactly knows what the rules were in the beginning so we’ve been saying “put it at the bottom” all these years without knowing why or thinking through how the page *should* be organized. At the end of it all, he said, “I needed a sanity check but I ended up in the Insanity Department.” Yes, Louiii. That is exactly where you ended up. Kinda reminds me of the time the YAG artistic director was called upon to give directions to a theatre in Ypsilanti: “Go all the way down to the bottom.” Imagine that in a British accent if you will and no, it didn’t make any sense.

Today was a long day for more than a few people. My day improved markedly if temporarily when my Lemony Laptop came back. Fixed? Weeellll… Yeah. It booted up without a problem and ALL MY STUFF WAS THERE!!! Except Outlook. Oh, Outlook was there. I just couldn’t open it up. Sigh. Another support ticket. I can live [temporarily] without Outlook because I can use the webmail app. But then it also crashed once… Booted back up in the way it does after a crash but still… Note to self: next time it does that, grab yer dern phone and take a picture of the screen. It might come in handy.

Fortunately, the day ended with dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin and now everyone is home safe and sound, including the beach urchin who drove her brand new 5-speed manual Honda Civic home to megalopolis tonight, snow showers be damned. Yes, I worried. I am a mom. That’s what I do best. Even though this munchkin has been driving since she was about 12 and is an *amazon*. Pacific Coast Highway anyone? Parallel parking? Yes! I cannot parallel park to save my life. Well, I can, it just takes me forever. I am almost a bit covetous of this beauteous new vee-hickle even though I know that’s a ridiculous game to play because by the time *I* get around to buying a new vee-hickle, technology will be doing even fancier things. This Civic looks and feels like a Big Girl Car, as UKW might say.


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