Oh I wish I were in the land of cotton. Old times there are not forgotten…

treeI *always* loved that song. Why? I dunno? I don’t have a southern bone in my body. Arguably. When I was a child, The Commander would tell of a relative (her grandmother?) who claimed that the family was related to Daniel Boone and Johnny Appleseed. I had read all of the youth biographies in the Sault Ste. Siberia Carnegie Library (the one with the lions) by then and I must say that I had a *crush* on Daniel Boone. I thought Johnny Appleseed was kind of a fop.

Nowadays, hanging out here in The Landfill Chitchen, I figure I would not want to be married to Daniel Boone. He’d probably walk into the Landfill carrying a big ugly old rifle and a dead bear that he would expect MEEEEE to butcher. Thank you but not. Maybe Johnny might be a better bet. The last time I bought a whole beef tenderloin, the Plum Market butcher asked me if I wanted him to clean it up for me and I said what the heck. He did a wonderful job.

I don’t know if the MacMu fam is really related to Daniel Boone or Johnny Appleseed or not. I have my reservations about all of that. But it could be true. Who knows?

I spent more time in life with my dad’s fam, who didn’t even think about claiming folks like Daniel Boone or Johnny Appleseed. They did their own thing over on the Canadian frontier. I’m not gonna try to even think about detailing all of that tonight. I am gonna hang out here in The Landfill with the GG with a fake log in the faaaarrrr and hope that the predicted snow doesn’t hamper my kids’ concert travels or my commute to work tomorrow.

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