It’s mid-February in the Great Lake State, do you know where your brain is?

arborsWhy no, we did not watch the SOTU last night. At one point, I asked the GG if he was interested. He wasn’t and there wasn’t any bad good TV on, you know, like Toddlers and Tiaras or Beverly Hillbillies remakes so we basically crashed and burned early. That’s the theme of the week for us. We’re not sick, just too much going on. I am in the midst of three wildly different prodjects at work and I have no “chops” left at the end of the day. I can’t speak for the GG but I believe he is in a similar (but different) situation. And I am sick to death of frickin’ black ice…

The people down on the corner of Arbana and Harbrooke narrowly missed being stealth-salted this morning. I dunno whether they snowblow their sidewalk or what but THEY DO NOT PUT SALT ON IT and it is in a very dark cold micro-climate and I SLIPPED ON IT BOTH MONDAY AND TUESDAY (but did not fall, thank you god or whatever), even though I was using my iPhone flashlight app to spot black ice in the dark. My iPhone flashlight app works very well for this kind of thing but this was particularly sneaky black ice. Today. I loaded up two gallon-sized ziplock bags with rock salt, stuffed them in my backpack and headed off on my walk, excitedly plotting and planning my stealth salting caper. Alas, the black ice had receded enough that I gave them a pass.

In addition to all of the holidays and other stuff yesterday, it was the annual Community High lottery. This is a bittersweet event around this town. “Commie” enrolls a hundred-ish freshman each year. The number of applicants is usually three or four times the number of slots. It isn’t a good school for every student and it isn’t perfect (what school is?) but lots of kids want to get in (or their parents want them to). Alas, not everyone gets in and there are many tears after the lottery results get posted.

Both my beach urchins “won” the lottery and I was happy with their experience there. My first child was number 51 out of 100 slots. In like Flynn. Second child? I forget the numbers. She didn’t get in outright but was something like 12th or 16th on the wait list, which wasn’t a bad place to be, so I was cautiously optimistic. We got the call that she was *in* about a week after eighth grade ended. We were lucky twice. If I had had a third child (and that was thought about for a while), maybe we wouldn’t have been lucky. Or, on the flip side, maybe that kid would’ve *wanted* to go to Pioneer. Who knows…

And today? It is npJanes bday! HB!

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  1. Paulette Says:

    Are you the sidewalk salt fairy? 🙂 Last night , I had the Westminster dog show on while I was cleaning. I do love cleaning at night for some strange reason.