How not to run a meeting, part 1

Man oh man, it has been a busy week. Cube Nayber and I are working on companion specs and had back to back Cast of Thousands reviews this week. Cube Nayber went first…

— Cube Nayber cannot get her laptop to connect to the network.

— Kayak Woman graciously offers to vanna the review.

— Alas, when KW plugs *her* lemony laptop into the projector, her lemony laptop crashes!

Meanwhile… CN / KW’s supervisor calls the police! That is, she starts dialing in the conference call number, hears something about “emergency” and hangs up. Quick.

— KW hard-boots her lemony laptop (which takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r), then does a “legitimate” restart (refraining from making certain jokes here).

— Just about the time KW’s laptop f-i-n-a-l-l-y boots back up, CN’s laptop decides it is okay to connect to the network.

— A police car pulls up to the building.

— One of the more “with-it” people in the room (aka *not* KW) takes off and manages to convince the police that there is NO emergency in the building.

We eventually got on with the review. Everyone is still laughing about the incident, even though we well understand that dialing 911 when emergency help is not needed is a serious waste of resources and tax-payer dollars and could potentially divert emergency help from someone who actually *needs* it. But here’s the problem. Dialing out of our building requires dialing “9-1” before whatever number you are dialing. How easy is it to hit the “1” twice? Very easy. In fact, our policeman said that many businesses have changed their dial-out number to 8 or 7 or whatever. I hope we do that but I am not holding my breath because we are a large global corporation and I suspect there are folks who think there are bigger fishes to fry.

Anyway. Asteroid encounter and meteorite strike in the same day? Say what? I looked at Twitter when I woke up (after I checked the weather) and everything was normal, i.e., nothing had struck the earth. When I came back from my 0-skunk-30 walk, I turned on NPR. I was doing my usual morning routine and half-listening and I heard the tail end of a story about a meteor hitting the earth. By the time I had processed the whole thing, NPR had moved on to a new story. Just like that! Whaaaa! I didn’t have time to look at the videos this morning and I could only look at them on my phone at work. I well remember sonic booms from when I was a kid and there was an air force base near our town. They were LOUD! But we knew what they were. We don’t hear those any more. And is mounting a video cam on the dashboard “a thing” in Russia?*

In which the GG is having dinner at my beloved Palace Saloon in Sault Ste. Siberia, then attending a Lakers hockey game with Jeep and Pan and their son, then retiring for the night at the Ojibway Hotel. I hope all have a wonderful time tonight and the GG doesn’t get the haunted room…

*Yes, it *is* a *thing* to have a dashboard cam in Russia. It helps sort out accidents. Why has that not taken off here in the United Snakes? Let’s do it!

One Response to “How not to run a meeting, part 1”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I thought it was a joke at first! Then they started talking about injuries and showing photos and it was like something out of a sci-fi movie! We have to dial 9 in our system too, but not 9-1. That’s a silly combo with 911 as our emergency number. 🙂