Snow squalls and blue skies

ritsemaThis ended up being one of those weekends when I did about a billion *little* things but don’t feel like I accomplished anything. Opened a new bag of rock salt and poured it into my loverly old drywall bucket. Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to go “shopping” for a new one the next time I’m up at the moominbeach… Made batches of lasagne and enchilada sauce to freeze. Palmed off a little baggie of stuff on Lizard Breath in exchange for a bunch of egg cartons to give to the egg lady at work. Dusted and de-spiderwebbed various nooks and crannies and re-organized / thinned out a few little knick-knack collections. Like, why is this *prism* stashed on a little shelf in a dark corner of the back room instead of out on the front window where it can make *rainbows*? (It may well have been meeee who put it there, like just to get it out of the way…)

I made a late breakfast for Lizard Breath and me. It was so much fun to be a mom. She came over here for some dance party thingy down at the Blind Pig last night and stayed the night. Say what? You say you are too *old* for a dance party? Oooohhh, don’t say that… I haven’t been to the Blind Pig in about a gazillion years. I did actually go there occasionally back in the day…

Once, when I was young, thin, blonde, and living in an upstairs flat down on Seventh St. across from West Park, none other than the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie was scheduled to be here on The Planet for I fergit what reason. We made a plan to meet at the Blind Pig. I got there first. Back in the day, I was always a little unnerved to be sitting in a barrooooom by myself. I suppose if I had brought my knitting (I usually had some knitting in those days), I might’ve been okay. Definitely if I’d had an iPhone, I would’ve been okay but… Anyway, I was sitting at the bar waiting for my beloved cuzzint to arrive and a couple o’ guys started trying to talk me up. I didn’t mind talking to them but I was not *interested* in them. (Actually, I already had a *boyfriend* aka The GG.) I told them that I was meeting my cousin and they were all like, “yeah, okay, roight”, etc… … … And then, The Grinch walked in. I do not have a handy photo of The Grinch back in those days but I will just say he was a *very* good-looking young man but he also looked like somebody you might not want to mess with if you were looking at his cousin through beer goggles. I won’t try to describe the looks on their faces. I think the Grinch also knew well enough that I didn’t generally get entranced by some random bar pick-up guy. From what little I remember about that night, we all had a good time and parted friends. I was probably getting a little too old for dance parties…

2 Responses to “Snow squalls and blue skies”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I just learned the word beer goggles from my daughters; where have I been?? Glad that you had a nice visit with L. It’s nice to have the daughters home. I miss them a lot.

  2. jane Says:

    Ah, the Blind Pig. For a few years I was there most Friday’s for happy hour. Now, I go for the very-occassional concert. But for the most part ‘doors at 9:00’ are just too late for me.

    And in my early bar days it was still designed as an actual ‘blind pig’. Good times.

    Best concert I have seen there (without thinking thru too many) was Tracy Chapman. Small, intimate, and DAMN that woman can sing.