I am in the 1%!

saltnpeppaThat is, I am in the 1% of those who salt their sidewalk.

I won’t go on and on about the weather again. It is winter and this is Michigan and stuff happens. I am picking my way through The Commander’s stuff. What do I want to keep? (The salt and pepper shakers in the photo. They have been around my entire life.) What might somebody else in the family want? What do I *throw* out. I *have* thrown some stuff out… What do I donate / sell / whatever…

I had S-hooks on the brain last weekend. I had procured some of those tacky chili-pepper lights and I want to hang them over my chitchen sink but the usual method of hanging the waaaars on straight pins (of the sewing variety) wasn’t working for this little prodject. I thought of mounting a curtain rod or some such thing and hanging the lights from S-hooks.

One of the ways I failed The Commander in her last year had to do with S-hooks. She had these big S-hooks in her house, like a foot long or whatever. She used them to get certain things down from high places (like toilet paper from the bathroom closet).

While she was still at Freighter View, her toilet paper supply was also on a high shelf and she once tried to ask me to retrieve one of her S-hooks from her house so she could use it at FV. Alas, she couldn’t remember the word and I couldn’t quiiite understand the gesture she made. Except that I sort of could but when I went up to her house, I couldn’t find one of those S-hooks.

Later… The Comm was in the hospital in what turned out to be her last days. I was luxury camping at Command Central and I went into the bathroom and I looked up and… There was an S-hook! Right there. Big as life. How did I miss that when The Comm was asking for that thing?

Much later… The Commander had died and we were cleaning out Command Central. I walked into the laundry / utility / bar room and I looked up to the right and there were about a billion S-hooks. Sigh…

4 Responses to “I am in the 1%!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need a photo of an s hook! We have grippers, but not for anything heavy. I still can’t figure out how to turn off my husband’s lights in the garage. Can’t find any switch!

  2. jane Says:

    those salt/pepper shakers are very familiar to me! it’s interesting that I recognize them immediately, but if you asked me to describe the S/P shakers (or many other things for that matter) at the Commanders house/cabin, I couldn’t.

    how old are the irons you’re looking to get rid of?

  3. isa Says:

    I could also maybe use an iron if it’s not a fire hazard. But I don’t iron things very often so Jane can have first dibs.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    We used pre-packaged salt and pepper at the cabin. There can be a moisture issue out there. @isa and @jane I’ll send photos of the irons and you can fight over them. One looks brand new. The other is at least of relatively recent (1990s?) vintage.