Where’s My Car?!?

It had to happen sometime. I got finished with my in-class assignment and homework early and since today’s the day Liz leaves for Spain, I left class early. (Yes, it’s okay to do that and I wasn’t done early because I’m extra smart, it’s just that I have a very little bit of previous experience in PhotoShop, which is what the class is about 😉 Anyway, I got out to the parking lot and COULD NOT FIND MY CAR! Do y’all have any idea how many dark green/dark blue/black Honda Accords there are out there? Of every vintage. Plus there are Honda Civics in just about the same colors. *My* Honda Accord currently has a green pinwheel in the back window. I walked around for what must have been 10 minutes. I could not find it. I pushed the panic button (hmm, this is what that button is for, I had always thought it was just a way to wake up the Burkes early in the morning). Nothing. I was trying really hard not to get panicky. It couldn’t actually be stolen, could it? Why would anyone want it? I mean, it’s a really great car (unlike that other one I sometimes blog about), but there are gazillions of them out there. And I had locked it, I remembered beeping it. Tears were starting to form. I really didn’t want to spend the rest of the day fiddling around with the police, etc. And then. This older African-American gentleman was doing some garden work there in the parking lot. He said, “what’s wrong?” I said, “I can’t find my car.” (I was trying to laugh while I said it but I’m sure I sounded a little frantic.) And then, he pointed and said, “Well, you were going across the parking lot that way this morning. So you are over there. Now, God bless.” And guess what? He was right. Over there was my own dark green Honda Accord with the green pinwheel in the back window. So, god bless you too, Mr. Maintenance Man.

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